Sunday, June 16, 2013

The Body Shop Vitamin E Eye Cream

Well finally i am taking my skincare routine seriously! Like so serious that i MOISTURISE EVERY SINGLE DAY! haha.. really thats such an achievement. Though i dont usually do it first thing in the morning i still do it! I always complain i dont have time.. i wonder why. I think i easily get distracted and loose track of my time playing games on my phone.. Super Penguins at the moment! Whats your most favourite game on your phone? Let me know!

Anyways what i got here is something i have been using alot these days. Its so moisturising and my eye area is totally loving it. I dont have much problems with my eye area except that i do sometimes get these scary dark circles due to lack of sleep.. they keep coming and fading and coming back so i think its time to keep them away for good. Bye Bye DARK CIRCLES!

My first impression when i got this product was: OH ITS SO TINY! Its a 15 ml tube and looks so tiny and so cute.  But the good thing is i have been using it for a couple of weeks now and its still not finished up. The tube is designed in such a way that you can squeeze out the tiniest amount of cream without wasting it. Just a tiny bit is enough for your eye cream. 

See so thats perfect isnt it. I think if you are really careful with this product you can easily use it for a month or even more. Depends on how much you use each time. I share this one with my husband but looks like there is half a tube more to go. 

The cream is so moisturising. Makes the eye area look healthy and nice. You feel fresh too. Easily to massage into the skin without rubbing too much. It totally gets absorbed within seconds.


Fine lines - It definitely makes the fine lines look LESS prominent especially since it moisturises so well.
Puffiness - No idea.. i dont have that problem usually .
Dark circles - My dark circles have reduced so so much in such a short time.. hope they fade off totally.


Im loving this one! A fuss free simple eye cream that works well and easy to use. No irritations to my eye. I have HAD problems with so many other eye creams in the past. I got a super sensitive eye area.. my eyes sometimes sting if i use products that are scented or are too strong. I think im allergic to some ingredients.. not sure what yet. But this product gave me NO PROBLEMS and it feels so safe to use. Do try it out and let me know. 

AND an amazing news! The Body Shop Qatar is having their SUMMER SALES at the moment!!! They got some amazing offers. So do check it out! 

For those who live in Qatar and would love to keep in touch with the updates - Keep in touch on Facebook with The Body Shop Qatar. If you are in Sri Lanka.. you can purchase this product from us. Contact us here. 


  1. Looks pretty impressive would love to try out

  2. The only eye area problem I face is puffiness :/
    Nice review hun!

  3. Great review and also it is nice product to be used

  4. it is good product for people with such eye problem :) good review

  5. I love that it only lets a little bit out, I always have the problem of using too much! x

    Holly |

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