Thursday, May 23, 2013

Green Tea with Mint Face Wash from Seri Naturals

The words 'Paraben Free' always YES ALWAYS sing to me.. its like this soothing comforting love song that plays straight into my heart.. and then im impressed just by the tunes.. even before i use the product. HAHA! I USED TO BE one of those girls who would stay face wash less rather than use one with loads of weird stuff in them but over the past few months i have reduced doing that. Its not always easy to find good paraben free products and being face wash less isnt a great idea sometimes.. Really. This product was one of the latest releases from Seri Naturals (if im not wrong) and i have been using it for a while now. Its almost going to be over. Its one of those basic cleansers. BASIC as in doesnt have any special claims or doesnt do wonders to your skin. Just a basic face cleanser you can use everyday to clean your face and be satisfied. The green tea extracts are a favorite of mine.. i dont drink green tea these days. I used to.. and i remember loosing a bit of weight and then decided i will keep it minimal. I do love to drink a cup a day but i never got around doing that. Green tea based products are something i am looking out to try for those anti aging properties and yes the scent is also refreshing and very lovely!

Seri Naturals is a lovely brand that offers us products that are paraben free and really safe for your face & body.

Mineral Oils

Available in most supermarkets and priced reasonable so you might like to try this brand and see for yourself. They got some lovely body products too so do try them and let me know.

Scent & Texture:

A refreshing version of green tea. Smells so green and very green tea like with a dash of mint. Its a really lovely refreshing smell. Wakes you up in the mornings! Love it! It has this minty feel of MINT and comes on cool on your face. Love the minty freshness!

The texture of the cleanser is ofcourse very watery.. a bit too watery for my liking but it foams quite well and cleans really well. The only problem with the texture would be that i always end up pouring loads of cleanser onto my palm and its such a waste of product sometimes.


A really good product for daily use. Perfect if you are looking for a daily cleanser without any unwanted ingredients. You might have to always remember to moisturise your skin after using this one.. it doesnt really dry out your skin badly but it doesnt moisturise too so face moisturiser is a must. You can not get lazy like me!!


  1. wow.. nice review an seems like a nice product.. good thing is its safe for face and body and its minty which is good for this summer.. and it certainly looks really watery Thanks..

  2. Wow!

    Green tea is one of my addiction! :p

    Anyway, please join my giveaway ^^

    3 winners and it's open internationally!

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