Monday, December 30, 2013

Green Apple Lip Balm from H&M

Well i must warn you guys.. i think there will be loads of reviews on moisturisers and all sorts of hydrating (and NOT) products this winter. I THINK. I HOPE. Its getting kinda real cold here and looks like i will need new products to handle this climate. WOW. That is fun but also it just feels like a bad time to experiment. What do you think? Anyways this lip balm is one that i got from H&M awhile ago. I posted a picture of it on my Instagram awhile back. Its a really pretty packaging.. a cute little tin package. I decided to drop it in my handbag and totally forgot about it. I do use it every now and then but it wasnt really something i used on a daily basis.. but since its WINTER i decided i am going to test this one. FOR YOU!

Looks like a cute little tin suitcase. So CUTE! I just love how it clicks when you close it. LOL! I dont know why i am excited about little things but its nice to notice little stuff.. what do you think?


Has a faint sweet scent of apples. Definitely not green apples.. more like red sweet ones. Quite nice.. alot like apple candy. Nothing too special.. but nothing weird or artificial for my nose.


Glides onto the lips just like vaseline would do.. makes lips feel soft and totally smooth for a little while and it just wears off.


OK let me admit it - this isnt exactly something you can use for your chapped lips.. it heals BUT it takes a day or two. In winter a day or two with chapped lips is totally NOT GOOD. 

Healing power is low
Moisturization is OK 
Price is BAD - Costs QR 29 

This is pretty pricey for something that doesnt really do much. Finally it just comes down to its packaging! Its a really cute little tin lip balm, if you are totally looking for something nice to drop into your handbag and carry around - Yes this is so cute and eye catching. Chapped lips, winter, dry lips, no nonsense lip balm - NO this is not for you!

Shopping Spot:

H&M, Villagio 
Costs QR 29


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