Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Centella Asiatica Cure Balm

Ok so this is a really interesting product. Honestly i wanted to try this product because of the words - REPAIR+PROTECT+MOISTURE. It certainly sounds promising and something i definitely need in my life right now. Dont we all? Before i get down to my yapping i want to give you a quick overview of what this product is all about.

Basically it is something you can use on your dry skin to treat it and cure it. They specially mention that you can use it on your cuticles to remove them. 

To be completely honest with you i have NOT really used this so much on my cuticles because i got other areas that need MORE attention right now! So i have been using this on a problem area on my feet (which seems to be so demanding at the moment!) I got this one spot on my foot that needs so much moisturization and yes dead cell removal as well. Its totally annoying and a NEVER ending problem in my life right now so yes i am using this cure balm on that area for the past few weeks.

The texture is like a lip balm. You can see.. its like one of those organic lip balms that comes in cute little tins. Looks, smells and feels exactly the SAME. It has no taste and smells so organic - SUPER ORGANIC. But its not a scent that you might find uncomfortable.. its just simple and smells like a bunch of essential oils blended together. 


Well here comes the story! First of all it gives you the exact feeling of applying lip balm onto your chapped lips. Gives the instant moisture and relief. I got skin peeling and cracks so it gives that boost of moisture and forms a light protective layer. I wash my feet atleast 5 times a day so even after each wash i notice that the area is still moisturized and the dryness doesnt come back for so many hours. You feel as though the area is protected and yes as days pass by the dry area becomes soft and slowly begins to heal. The thing you got to know is - its not an instant magic potion that will heal your skin in a snap snap! Its a treatment so you got to use it daily - a few times a day so you can keep your skin moisturized and so it can keep healing. I have been using this for some MAJOR DRY AREAS and its totally helping me heal them. I sometimes use it on my lips! I dont know if thats okay but it works just as good for my lips as well. So if you are someone who is looking for a product for healing and treating your dry skin, you might like to try this one OR if you are looking for a cuticle cream i think this might be great! Im TOTALLY LOVING IT AND YES WILL RECOMMEND IT FOR ALL THOSE SUPER DRY STUBBORN SPOTS! 

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  1. sounds so wonderful..... heard the brand for first time though!
    nice review zath.... i wish i cud get my hands on this one right now!!

  2. I think this balm would be perfect for my crappy hands :( Looks good after your description :) thanks!


  3. balm looks yummy...
    nice review

    my recent one :http://www.vanitynoapologies.com/2013/12/colorbar-glide-eye-pencils-reviews-swatches-flirty-turq-prunella-coal-mine.html


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