Sunday, December 22, 2013

Yes its MAIL DAY! And You are a Winner! [Romwe's NEW Winner is HERE]


I love getting my mail especially getting them all together and i love love seeing what you get too. So please let me know your haul post links below! And yes lets get started! YAY!

This is the super popular Zippered Black Panel Woolen Coat that was on sale on Romwe awhile ago! Everybody was going all crazy getting one so i thought ok WHY NOT! Its winter and i do need a coat! It looks really handsome LOL Yes its one of those boyfriend coats.. its more guyish. Its comfortable, warm and HANDSOME. I just tried it on.. still need to wear it out soon. Excited!

HAHA! This is so cute! Dont you think? Not my usual style but it was so cute and i just had to add it to my closet. Oh yeah i am a girly girl LOL. Im not sure if its still available on sale but do check out Romwe.

This is a pretty top i got from Everbuying. Thank you so much for sending me this pretty top. Its slightly a bit big for me but i totally love the transparent skirt and the whole high low thing going on here. I will post a Closet Ideas post featuring this one real soon.

THIS IS THE MOST CUTEST TOP EVER! TRUST ME! I know it doesnt look so flattering here in this picture but it is so cute! The cat is kinda creepy but the whole irregular hem thingy going on right there is so cute. Let me show you!

Do you see that? When you wear it.. it looks like a cute little dress.. and with tights or leggings.. im sure it will be amazing. Especially in this cold climate.

Here comes the BESTEST part of my haul! I was so eager to see the accessories i ordered.. i dont usually buy many accessories especially online.. i dont know. But i am so glad all the pieces look really so pretty! Let me show you the items more closer.

OMG! I am so in love with these! The Moon and Sun earrings were on my wishlist forever! They were kinda pricey so i was hoping they would go on sale and THEY DID! So just had to grab them. So so beautiful! And the butterfly necklace is so pretty too. Love them both and totally cant wait to wear them.

A set of cute little ear studs from Romwe! Love them! So sorry i keep saying love love amazing pretty the whole time but i cant help it! This cuteness is totally getting to my brains. 

Never tried these before.. so thought of giving it a shot. Its the 10 sheet set from Romwe. Looks so interesting. Will be trying them out soon.

So those were the items i got in my mail! So happy with everything. Hope you liked them as well. Please do leave your comments below.


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Congrats to the lucky winner and please make sure you MESSAGE me TO MY FACEBOOK PAGE USING YOUR FACEBOOK PROFILE THAT I HAVE TAGGED ABOVE - Give me the email address using which you are registered on Romwe.


  1. Awesome post! i love accessories Thanks for sharing and congrats to the lucky winner :)

  2. That's me! how exciting! sent you a message on FB :)

  3. love those pretty bits..... esp the bow earrings!!

  4. Recently I bought the same earrings, they're amazingly beautiful!!

    There's a giveaway on my blog, in case you're interested :)

    - Laura

    1. Oh they are amazingly beautiful for sure ♥ I will check out the giveaway! ! Thank you ♥


  5. Those sun and moon earrings are soooo cute!


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