Wednesday, December 11, 2013

e.l.f Studio Baked Blush - Peachy Cheeky

Well yes so finally i am getting to try out the blushes from e.l.f! Everybody was talking about them EVERYWHERE! I know i am a bit late but here i am! This is my version! Why do i sound so excited?! GOD! I dont know.. i think its the MILKY BAR i am eating right now.. is it? but ANYWAYS..

My pictures are all gloomy and from another planet today because it is getting REAL COLD HERE! Like super cold! Which is nice ofcourse but i think i will need some socks for my feet! AH! I hate that! It just makes me more lazy.. does winter make you a lazy girl? Is it just me? Back to what i should be talking about - this blush is a really pretty peachy shade. You can see its beautiful and has a lovely gold shine to it. Not like scary glittery shine but the lovely gold glow kinda shine. Im sure there is a word to describe that but i am so behind in this make up world vocabulary stuff. But i will catch up sometime. SOON. definitely. Hope so. MAYBE. OK I THINK IT IS THE MILKY BAR THAT IS MAKING ME HYPER LIKE A LITTLE TODDLER AFTER ICE CREAM. AAAAAAAAH!

Isnt that so gorgeous?! I know. Well actually that is not 1 swipe! Its a couple of swipes so its not like so super duper colour pigmented in one swipe which is okay i guess, it depends on your preference. Some people love their blushes to be like loud and pigmented while some like to have something that they can build up on. So this is the build it up kind.


Its a really beautiful colour! Good quality for the price definitely. Would look so lovely on fair skin im sure but for my dusky skin for some reason i felt it was more nicer as a highlighter than a blush. Its a really beautiful highlighter especially because of that gold shine and glowyness it gives. But as a blush.. well i think it just wasnt something i would wear. I felt the colour didnt really show up on my face as it did on the swatch. Maybe it was too shiny or the colour was coming on too light on my skin. Whatever the reason - this is a really nice highlighter but as a blush - i will pass! Its just not ME.

Have you used this? What are your thoughts?

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