Friday, January 10, 2014

The Body Shop Hemp Intensive Hand Butter

Its Winter so i decided to stop with the experimenting of hand creams and just go get my most favourite one ever! The Body Shop Hemp Hand Protector - Read my review here. But i saw this one, got sidetracked and bought this instead. Well.. this is also from the Hemp range so no harm in trying something new.. right?!

Before we start talking hand creams i must let you know that my whole hand issue is all done now.. i dont have any weird dryness or any other peculiar problems but ofcourse my hands are super sensitive to the weather, over washing and doing the dishes lol. Yes not trying to be a diva but house chores totally make my hands go bad EVEN though i wear gloves at all times. Weird but its true. I got hands that want to be kept like a Queen.. but i am not a Queen (too bad) so my hands dont really get that kinda royal treatment. I try to relax my hands alot but a girls got to do house chores! So its all hand creams, treatments etc. I wanted something to keep my hands soft and smooth and my review is totally based on that.


A thick creamy butter. Its the 'wouldnt pour out when tilted' kinda butter. You know what that means! 


Its a REALLY medicine like scent! A stronger version compared to The Body Shop Hemp Hand Protector . It doesnt really bother me because i just want something good for my hands but if you got a sensitive nose then please do check out the scent before you buy it. Its either a 'its okay, i dont mind' or a 'omg that is STRONG' so its always better to find out first.

Does it work?

Ofcourse you know i love it. Its a total no nonsense hand butter. It works. It makes your hands so soft and smooth.. treats the dry areas and keeps your hands healthy. ITS so so good! Definitely! I must admit this Hemp range has been the best i have ever tried! I am still looking for something better (and cheaper) but this is my total must have for dry hands!

I know you would want to try if its greasy or oily.. well its really difficult for me to answer that so i wanted to show you. This is what my palm looks like after its moisturized. It actually depends on what type of hands you have... if you have normal hands im sure you may feel this product is tad greasy and heavy but for dry hands you might feel its shiny. Yes its shiny but not greasy or too heavy because you obviously want something rich for your hands. So just have a look and im sure you get the idea of what it feels once applied.


Is it winter? You got dry hands? Tried everything but not so happy? Want something for overnight moisturizing? Need a good foot cream for super dry feet? Try this! Its so good. And yeah i use it on my feet too and i love it! The best foot cream ever! I dont see parabens on the ingredients list so YAY to that!

Shopping Spot:

The Body Shop Qatar - QR 45 (Originally QR 60)

Its on offer right now so i think its the right time to get your shopping done. Seems like they have an offer on alot of items in the stores right now. Go have a look and yes i am planning to go too so lets do a great haul! 


  1. seems it works good..but i always love my s&G hand food...very well reviewed

    1. Oh yeah i love Soap & Glory too! It smells really awesome yeah but i prefer this for winter time!

  2. happy u liked this.I love TBS Strawberry body butter.

  3. My sister loves this one. ( I don't think I would shell out so much for a hand butter though :P )

    1. Actually it is a bit pricey for me too but looks like it would come for long since a little goes a long way ♥

  4. sounds good...vl try this once my present one gets over!

  5. I would love to try this on my feet.

  6. Thank you for this nice review!I ve tested this product!I really love it!
    Have a fab weekend!

  7. This seems like a great product :)

    thanks for visiting by my blog....Following your blog now The Lipstickholic :)

  8. I'm considering either buying this butter or the hemp hand cream protector. The cream one is cheaper, of course =)) but which one has better effect? Can you give me some advice :3


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