Monday, June 25, 2012

The Summer Set from One Love Bath and Beauty

Gift Sets are so fun! I always love to be how products are grouped together and the lovely goodies that come in each set. Here i got a really lovely summery set from One Love Bath and Beauty. Looks so pretty dont you think?

This Summer Set contains :

Japanese Lotus Perfume 
Sage & Citrus Bath Salt
Lemon Meringue Lip Balm

The combination of these scents and flavors are so lovely for the summer. Would make a lovely gift to someone special. At a glance, my most favorite product out of the set would be the perfume because the bottle is so cute!! The butterfly is so cute!! Anyone would fall in love with it at first sight. 

I still have to try these products so my reviews on each will follow VERY SOON. Till then please have a look and comment below on what you think is the most interesting in this set. 


  1. All are looking lovely
    waiting for balm and salt review

  2. Ooooh, I'm really curious about the japanese cherry blossom perfume.

  3. They sound like lovely products, the scents/flavours especially. The perfume bottle is pretty, love the way the glass looks :)

  4. loved the perfume bottle.... The butterfly is sooo cute ..
    The shade of the bath salts also looks lovely - hmmmm sage and citrus.... wowww


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