Monday, January 23, 2012

January Cuteness: Chocolate Espresso Cupcake Soap from The Purple Cupcake [10% discount for my followers this week]

Yummy :-) I really wish this is edible! I did try licking it a little and it tastes kind of sweet! BUT dont ever do that!! hehe.. Smells soo chocolaty.. and awesome. What is this?????? A cupcake? Well looks like one! Cupcake SOAP?! hehe.. Yes its soap.

Chocolate Espresso Cupcake Soap from 
The Purple Cupcake

Looks super cute.. smells so awesome!

The picture above is what i got from The Purple Cupcake Facebook page. I couldnt take a proper picture with my cupcake because it got slightly crushed in the mail :-( 

Its a really cute teeny tiny cupcake. Fits on my palm :-)

So when i got this in the mail it really brought a huge smile to my face. Its such a sweet little gift. It took me alot of effort to actually try using it. Once i brought it to the bathroom it made the whole of my bathroom smell like cupcake. :-) Lather wells and cleans my skin so well. Doesnt dry the skin at all! The best part is that its all natural and doesnt contain any SLS, SLES or Gluten. :-)

How long does it last?

Doesnt melt so easily so you can store it in a cute little soap container or a nice soap tray. I cant tell you now how many washes it may last because im still enjoying it so i will update on this in a couple of weeks.

Add some Cupcake Love to your life too ---->

A perfect gift for family and friends especially for your girl friends
Keep a bunch of these in your guest bathroom for showing some love
A perfect way to unwind after a long sweaty, tired day
Bribe your little kids with this soap to make them have a shower


All my lovely followers will get a 10% discount for all The Purple Cupcake products this week! Remember to mention 'Pink Clouds' when placing orders.

Click The Purple Cupcake

Rite ladies now this is my January Cuteness! What is yours?

Have a Pink Day :-)


  1. omg ! omg ! omg ! me wantttttttttttt

  2. awww! That is sooooo cute. Makes me want to stick my finger in the frosting and lick off :)

  3. Whaaa i want! :) they look so cute and nice! :)

  4. those look yuuuuuuuuuuuuumy!!! lol I think I would have tried to eat them, especially the blue one at the top!

  5. Woww! so cutte!!
    I love this site. nice one. Following you :)
    Will you please follow my blog bacl with your GFC :)?

  6. SOOOOOOOO cute and looks yummy..i want this :)


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