Monday, January 16, 2012

Lush Lip Service Lip Balm

Ladies how are you? I finally got to try out a Lush product :-) FINALLY! I have heard and read so much about Lush products and when i saw a 70% clearance sale during Christmas i was like 'WOW' this is the opportunity i was waiting for! I got myself a lip balm. Who can go wrong with a lip balm yea? Well I can :P 

So this is what happened --------> 

Lush Lip Service Lip Balm
Got this for $3

Its a cute little tin like the other Lush lip balms. The smell is somewhat like citrus but not that strong. Its not a scent that i enjoy much.. not something i would say i hate. ITS OK I GUESS. 

When i first opened the tin i was like ah?! The texture of the balm was like soap.. very hard. I was wondering.. has it expired?? No it hadn't. So this is the texture.. very hard and soap like. Gets really hard during cold weathers and slightly melts during the warm weather. 

My thoughts:

Doesnt moisturize the lips well.. maybe because of the texture of the balm. The Lush website says that this balm can also be used as a moisturizer for dry areas like elbows and feet. I tried that too but no.. not moisturizing enough for my feet as well. So what should i do with this product? Give it away? I have been trying to use it by scrapping it off the container with my fingers so obviously i cant give it away can i. So i use it on my toes every night.. just so i can finish it off.

Would i recommend?

NO WAY. I dont know if this product works for others but i really didnt find anything remotely special in this one.

Now its time for your thoughts!
Have you used this product?
What are your reviews?

Have a Pink Day :-)


  1. I am possibly not going to try this one. it never fascinated me!!

  2. Try their honey trap lip balm. It's their best seller and smells amazing.

  3. Thanks for the review...this doesn't look too tempting.

  4. 70% discount!!! Ha!!! I want it too!!!

  5. This makes me want to send you some of my lip balms. :)

  6. Lush honey trap lip balm is the best love it x

  7. Hey I recently bought their mint julips lip scrub and I really like it. It's made of sugar and all the ingredients are organic and they said at the store that it was edible! :) It's not so moisturizing but it kind of exfoliates the skin, I use it before applying lipstick and it feels "smooth and soft" as the label suggests. Plus they have lots of different flavors and all so yummy! I have the peppermint and chocolate sugar lip scrub.
    I don't know if you like making your own organic cosmetics if so you could probably make it yourself ;)

  8. i use their shampoo bar... its good... do try that from their collection....


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