Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Secret Life of a Slummy Mummy By Fiona Neill [Book Review]

Its been so long since i properly sat down and read a book. I hardly get time to read these days, and finding a good book seems to be hard work. This book was on my bedside for the past 2 months. I used to read few pages everyday to make myself fall asleep :P 

'For Lucy Sweeney, motherhood isn't all astanga yoga and Cath Kidston prints. It's been years since the dirty laundry pile was less than a metre high, months since Lucy remembered to have sex with her husband, and a week since she last did the school run wearing pyjamas. Motherhood, it seems, has more pitfalls than she might have expected. Caught between perfectionist Yummy Mummy No 1 and hypercompetitive Alpha Mum, Lucy is in danger of losing the parenting plot. And, worst of all, she's alarmingly distracted by Sexy Domesticated Dad. It's only a matter of time before the dirty laundry quite literally blows up in her face...'

My thoughts:

The character 'Lucy' is supposed to be all clumsy yet adorable, but i think she's just too stupid. The things she does and doesnt do is sometimes absurd. The excuses she gives for flirting with another man doesnt make sense nor is it comical. I dont really understand the whole point of the storyline. Its not entertaining nor does it teach us anything. Not a fun read.. nor is it a serious one. I dont understand the point. Its just going on and on and on. And also makes men look a little foolish.. especially Lucy's poor husband. I mean 

Ofcourse he isnt. 

Will i recommend?

If you have a sleeping problem. You can get a copy and put yourself to sleep. :-)

Have a Pink Day :-)


  1. Sometimes, in an effort to give the leading female character a certain innocent charm, the writer just ends up making her sound stupid and right out annoying. I have had my share fair of these kinds of books. If you are in the mood of some fun reads (chick-lit) Try Sophia kinsella's shopoholic series and Belinda Jones books.

  2. Replies
    1. not really! it annoyed the hell outta me :P


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