Saturday, August 31, 2013

Inglot Stage.Sport.Studio Mattifying Loose Powder

Im not a foundation person.. i dont like the feeling of totally loading my face with too much makeup. I always try to keep it light and look natural especially during the day. Ofcourse there are some dramatic days and occasions which require a bit of overloading and colours but on a normal Saturday.. its just some blush, a bit of powder and lip gloss and im all set.

What i got here is a product that works so well for people like me - who wants just a tiny bit of coverage and something that helps beat the heat (Doha is VERY HOT at the moment!!) Its light and its comes in 3 shades. Mine is shade 33 which is the darkest. Its amazing.. the way it blends and the sheer coverage it gives. My face is shine free for quite a long time even during the hottest of hot summers! It comes with a powder puff applicator which is very handful. I usually use that to apply kinda pat loose powder onto my face and then i use my fan brush or my powder brush to blend it up a little and dust off the excess.

So there you can see - its a light brownish coloured powder. Doesnt come out loud or muddy.. be sure to blend it in very very well and you will totally LOVE IT!

Here's a video for all you ladies (like me) who want to know how to apply loose powder and what sort of brushes you can use. Do check out this video! Its very helpful and please do tell me your techniques below.


You can see i totally love love this product! Its easily blendable, gives sheer coverage. Does it job well! Love it! And YES YOU KNOW IM GOING TO SAY THIS LOUD AND CLEAR - ITS PARABEN FREE LADIES! SO GO GET ONE NOW.

If you are in Qatar and wondering where you can buy this one - Check out Inglot at Ezdan Mall. To stay in touch with daily updates and makeup tricks from Inglot.. Like their Facebook page HERE.


  1. Seems like a lovely product! A very apt review dear :) I surely need to get one for myself!

  2. such a lovely product ! I will definitely give it a try


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