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Liz Earle Botanical Essence™ No.1 Perfume

Hey Ladies! How are you? Today im going to review a product that was sent to me for review by Liz Earle Naturally Active Skincare few days back :-D Well i guess everyone would know about them yea? In case you dont know about them.. here are some lovely things that you SHOULD know. 
  • All their products are made using natural ingredients! I know! isnt that really awesome! So its definitely safe to try them out. My eyes always pop when i see the word 'natural' :-D
  • They have a wide range of skincare products that work for all skin types 
  • They are an award winning skincare company! Check out all the awards they have received by Clicking HERE
  • They have a wonderful customer care service! Trust me they are so friendly and ever ready to help you with all your inquiries, problems, questions or you simply want to talk to them.. they are there. :-D And they reply to your mail so fast.
  • They ship worldwide so doesnt matter where you live.. im sure they can reach you unless ofcourse you're in a strange land where you dont have mail services! 
So those are some of the lovely things i know about Liz Earle. If you are interested to find out more details. Please check their website by Clicking HERE

Now we can move onto the review :-D

Liz Earle Botanical Essence™ No.1 Perfume

After looking at the image of this perfume on their website.. honestly i didnt know what to expect. And i was wondering what a perfume which has over 98% natural ingredients would smell like! Finally my perfume arrived and here you go! This is what it looked like:

It came in a super cute hardcover box! And i was so impressed! hehe.. i know you must be wondering who gets excited by looking at perfume packaging.. but see the pictures below and you would know what i mean :P

You can open the box by pulling this blue tag and opens up like a drawer :-D so you dont have to worry about tearing or breaking the box and you can keep the box to store the perfume safely.

And there you are:

Its safely packed in this box which makes carrying this perfume more safer and those who love to keep their perfumes in its package would find this very impressive.

What i think about the fragrance:

A very beautiful classy bottle just like its smell :-D and has a really tight lid which secures the bottle and helps keep the fragrance locked inside. Its easy to carry around in your handbag with its box or even without it. Its a strong bottle and you dont have to worry about keeping it into your handbag when travelling.

50ml spray
This is what the company says:

For our first ever fragrance we’ve used the finest natural botanical ingredients from around the world and the expert skills of a distinguished perfumer from Grasse, France. We gave him the time to indulge in the age-old art of perfumery, skilfully hand-crafting this complex scent with true passion to create this vibrant, sparkling fragrance translating into warmth and sensuality.

Fragrance notes: 

Top Notes: Fresh citrus notes from orange, bergamot, cardamom, mandarin and lemon

Middle Notes: Softer floral notes which develop from rose absolute, lavender, coriander, nutmeg and geranium

Base Notes: Warm woody base notes from tonka bean absolute, cedarwood, vetivert and patchouli.

Now if we come to its fragrance! Its a burst of freshness! And when i first spray it on me im totally enveloped by the smell of oranges and mandarins! Its a super cool fragrance.. a light fragrance for the summer.. nothing too strong . The idea is to spray some right after coming out of the shower and you feel so fresh and cool all day long. 

The fragrance is long lasting but you would know the citrus notes fade after awhile and the other notes start working away. This isnt a perfume that would turn heads when you walk into a room but something that mixes and blends in with you and makes you smell fresh and feel fresh.

A perfect summer fragrance that doesnt make you feel heavy and sweaty.. a super summer treat :-D Just add this in with your other summer essentials and start your day! 

Will i recommend it?

Yes :-D This is added to my summer besties!

Hope you liked my review! Have you tried this fragrance? What are your reviews?

Product was sent by company for reviews but that has no effects on my honest opinions.

Have a Pink Day :-D


  1. This perfume smells really good!!! Thanks for the review!

  2. Sounds great!!! Would love to give it a try <3

  3. It sounds awesome! I love orange scents :)

  4. @ RockStar- Nice to see someone else who has tried this perfume and feels the same :-D

    @ Rakhshanda- You should :-D

    @ Vintage Makeup- Same here!!

    @ Pooja- Thanks :-D

  5. I have heard so much about Liz Earle lately. And by far your review has tempted me the most ;)

  6. @ rids- Thanks dear!

    @ Shang J- hehe.. you should try it.. this product impressed me alot.. so now i want to try their skincare range so bad!!

  7. [Reply]
    Thank you!:)

    Moroccan oil is supposed to promote hair restoration and encourage hair growth. I have to admit that I haven't experienced that yet tho';) But if it's true, that would be great!!:)

  8. Oh.. im looking for something that actually promotes hair growth!

  9. No animal testing! That's a win!!!!! lol And it looks kinda a drink, ha. Seems like it smells really good!

  10. i just knew she had skincare, no idea about perfume! sounds fresh and crisp :) good review doll

    Vonnie of


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