Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Peacock Eyes! [GUEST POST]

Hey Ladies! How are you? Today i have a really interesting guest post done by one of my lovely friends Sintu :-D She just loves doing her eyes with vibrant colours :-D So i invited her here to bring some colours into our lives too! Hope you love the look as much as i do!

So lets have a look ------->

 Beautiful Yea?! :-D

These are the products used for this look:

Claire's Cosmetics Eyeshadow Palette
Gold Eye Pen by H&M
Gold Eye Shadow by H&M
Benefit Magic Jet Black Liquid Eyeliner
Revlon Vital Radiance 
DiorShow Mascara
Benefit Bad gal Liner Waterproof
Bourjois Contour Clubbing Waterproof Eyeliner in Blue 
Lakme Jewel Gold Liquid Eyeliner

Hope you enjoyed this super colourful eye makeup!

Thanks alot Sintu :-D

Are you interested to do a guest post on my blog? Yes? Drop me an email and i'll put your stuff up here so we can share it with everyone.

Have a Pink Day :-D


  1. Enchanting. Reminds me of those beautiful carnival masks from Venice.

  2. Ur friend is very talented and creative!! :)

  3. @ Ghilli - You should follow me you know :P

    @ Rakhshanda - Thank you :-D

    @ Pandora's Box - Its very Sri Lankan actually!

    @ Pooja - She will be really happy to see your comments!! Thanks alot

  4. Love the colours! How about some more of these :P

  5. love it,,sintu good job..aptly named its so dramatic and beautiful...loved it....

  6. She suld have her own blog loll.... :P Remind me of vesak :P

  7. @ Soft, Sweet & Gentle - :-D

    @ Sugar - I was thinking the same thing :-D

  8. That's so awesome! I wish I could do fancy eyes like those, cool post! ^.^

  9. OMG! The look is just epic and indeed very vibrant! :) very creative!

  10. Thanks alot :-D Sintu will be so happy to hear all your lovely compliments!

  11. Those more than three shades are my favorite of the lot, they are pigmented both dry and wet, and the colors are just gorgeous.

  12. I had same type of makeup box which was broken by my small sister on last Christmas. Those are really beautiful shades for any party time.

  13. Beautiful eye make up and super creative...i cant even put an eyeliner on my wonderful to see some one who has a gifted talent :)


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