Sunday, September 23, 2012

Brown Sugar Lip Gloss from Just Pure Minerals

Totally loving this shade and im wearing it at home the whole day lol. Excuse = Testing Phase! hehe! Its a really pretty shade and i cant help trying it on and on and on. 

It came in a cutey little pot. I use my lip brush to apply the gloss and it comes on really smooth.. spreads well and looks super glamourous.

The color is a warm orangish brown filled with very subtle gold shimmer. Really light shimmer.. its almost not visible. Adds some color and looks really pretty. The shade is lovely.. can be used on top of a similiar colored lip stick or worn alone. Medium pigmented so if you got pigmented lips then you might want to add it on top of a lipstick or fill up your lips with a similiar colored lip liner and use it on top. It would look so amazing. Can be used on your naked lips as well if you want a sexy day time casual look.

Other factors --->

Smells like chocolate mint
Has no taste at all
A bit sticky
Stays on for 1-2 hours 
Reflects the light really well


LOVE LOVE LOVE this! Especially that its 100% vegan.. no chemicals. Doesnt have the weird plasticy taste or smell.. gives a lovely minty feel on the lips as long as it lasts.. so feels refreshing.. doesnt give you any after taste. Its a really beautiful color! Must try!


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