Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Body Shop Papaya Body Scrub

Its raining so hard.. the weather is ice cold and its lovely. Time for a warm cup of hot chocolate and a nice girly movie. Hows Something borrowed? Is it a good movie? Thats whats planned for tonight. Missing Mr. Husband loads.. wish he was here :-(

Anyways, body scrubs are a must have ofcourse and this is the one that im using at the moment. This is my main scrub that i use 2 times a week for a full body scrubbing session.

Its a creamy formula with ground rice, hazel nut granules and kiwi seeds for exfoliation. And has papaya seed oil for moisturization. 

Suitable for normal skin.


A very SWEET scent.. its really artificial.. cant say it smells of papayas. Blindfolded noone will really guess the scent. (I tried this LOL) You wouldnt hate this scent.. its okay i guess. A bit too sweet for my liking. Doesnt give you that ' FRESH ' feeling.

Texture & Exfoliation:

A creamy scrub with loads of particles to exfoliate. A little goes a long way and gives you a super scrub. Exfoliates really really so well. Leaves skin feeling clean and smooth. Can be a bit drying so moisturization is a MUST. You have to cover yourself up with your body lotion after using it. Cant get lazy with this one.


I do like this one though i dont really love the scent.. and i am very lazy so its a bother having to moisturise everytime i use it. If you got oily skin you can give this a try but im not sure if the scent will agree with you. Its okayISH.

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