Saturday, September 15, 2012

Tried and Tested: Home Remedy for growing Eye Lashes long and thick

I decided to share some home remedies that i have tried and totally loved! Before you read this and try it please remember this remedy might work or might not work for you so keeping that in mind.. lets get started.

Some of you might have thin eye lashes or short eye lashes and want to grow it thick and long. There are so many serums and gels in the market that claim to help grow eye lashes but i dont know far they work.. are they really safe for the eyes? No idea. This is a technique i have tried.. its natural and totally safe.

What You Need: 

Virgin olive oil
 Cotton buds

Take a cotton bud and dip it into the olive oil. Apply the olive oil using the cotton buds onto your eye lashes. Be careful not to let any oil into your eyes. Apply both on your upper and lower lids and let it stay. 

You can try it once a day for a month and YAY! You will notice your eye lashes would have started to grow and are improving. The rate of growth would differ from person to person. Its super cheap and totally safe. So try it and let me know!

If you got any tips of your own please share it below!



  1. Oh yay!
    I swear by Vit.E oil.
    Thanks for sharing

  2. i have tried with castor oil ..and i must say it really works..
    seen results in 10 days :)

    1. I have heard castor oil works too!! Never tried it :-)

  3. Thnx for this tip...i have very thin eye lashes...will try it today itself... :)

  4. Extra virgin olive oil does it too right?

  5. i have tried with castor oil and its superb..

  6. I know! This always works! For me it did. and you know what you can do? You may fill an old/empty mascara bottle with olive oil and apply it-for the ease of applying and not having to take a cotton bud!
    Maybe we can follow each other?!

  7. I have heard just castor oil but never tried.


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