Friday, September 7, 2012

The Body Shop Sweet Lemon Body Butter

This product was a gift from a friend.. So generous of her! Its so lovely to get skincare products as gifts yeah. Thanks sweety! So i decided i am going to use up all the body butters i have at the moment before getting new stuff. I need to finish off some stuff before they get bad. Its really hard.. being so lazy and all that. LOL.


Though it says SWEET LEMON. I think the scent is almost bitter. Its lemony.. kinda bitter. Not a heavy scented body butter. Its quite light.. lasts a long long time. Almost the whole day. I love citrus scents but this scent is not something i love but its okay. Its light and bearable. Not a fresh scent unfortunately but not something you will hate. Its okay. If you are looking for something that smells light you can definitely give this a try.


A buttery texture. Takes a good rub to sink in. A little sticky.. just a little. Moisturises really well! A good moisturiser that works well for normal skin and also great for dry skin if you want something for the day. Its a perfect moisturiser for daytime. Its light yet good enough. No greasy feeling at all. 


I like this! Its the right moisturiser for my dry skin during the day. I like that it doesnt smell too strong.. and my skin is soft all day long! Do try it. 


  1. Super!!!!I love Body shop!!

  2. I have that in strawberry! It smells really good :) And yeah it is a bit sticky, which I don't really like.



  3. Have heard loads of great things about The Body Shop body butters! xo

  4. i jus love lemony scent...i guess i gotta try that..tnx :)

  5. Nice Review :) I just expected a fresh lemon fragrance from this product through :( Sad that it is bitter

    1. is there any other lemony scents that they have? maybe they might have a fresher version.


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