Sunday, September 9, 2012

BonBliss Scrub 2 Go (Mini Solid Hand Scrub) - Lavender Luxury, Mango Sorbet, Cherry Almond, Twilight Forest, Oatmeal Honey Milk and Tropical Delight

If you have been reading my blog for awhile you will definitely know how much i love these scrubs! Its a definite must try and have if you want a super treat for your hands or feet. Its one of those must stock spa products :-) If you want a full detailed review of these just have a look HERE. I have already done a full review on this scrub before so i will just review different scents in this post.

Lavender Luxury -

This might just be my most favorite scent from all those i have tried from their range! Its such a fresh cologne like scent! Instantly gives you that splash of freshness! Love it! A bit of lavender.. and alot of freshness!

Cherry Almond -

The perfect combination of cherry and almonds. Both perfectly balance each other. The cherry scent comes out like cherry candy.. those chewy juicy ones. Yes smells just like that with almonds on it. A lovely scent.. not too sweet or nutty. Love it!

Twilight Forest -

A sweet scent.. not too strong or heavy. A little orangy! Just a little orangy. Its difficult to figure out whats the scent. Has a slight freshness to it but its a more sweet candy like scent.

Oatmeal, Milk and Honey -

A nice warm cuddly scent.. a cookie like scent. Not too strong! A light scent for all those who dont like strong ones.

Tropical Delight -

A super fruity scent!! Full of fruits! Love it! Smells like a basket of fruits! LOVE IT! If you are into juicy fruity scents.. you will love it!

Mango Sorbet -

A sweet lovely smell of MANGOES! YAY! Who doesnt love mangoes!! If you are into sweet scents you will definitely enjoy this one.


That was a wonderful post of different flavors from their range of scrubs! Hope it was helpful! Now you tell me what scents would you love to try?


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