Friday, September 14, 2012

Tweet and Win! 4 Contests!

I am going to host a small tweeting contest so you can all take part in it to win! Its so easy! It will go on for a couple of hours today so why wait! Have fun tweeting!


Join Pink Clouds through GFC
Add me on twitter - @ZathyM
Comment below telling me your GFC, Twitter name and How or Where you found Pink Clouds
Tweet and TWEET! 

So remember the more you tweet.. the higher chances of getting picked!

Contest 1 - A Dressy Girl (For India ONLY)

Tweet:  RT Enter here to win a really pretty dress on Pink Clouds! Contest ends in a bit! @ZathyM #Giveaway

Contest 2 - A Cuppy Cake Delivery (For Islamabad, Pakistan ONLY)

Tweet: RT Enter here to win 4 Yummy Cupcakes on Pink Clouds! Join now to win! @ZathyM #Giveaway

Contest 3 - Party Monstor (For USA & Canada ONLY)

Tweet: RT Enter here to win The Party Monstor Nail Polish on Pink Clouds @ZathyM #Giveaway

Contest 4 - Sunny Giveaway (For USA ONLY)

Tweet: RT Enter here to win 3 Sunny Soaps on Pink Clouds! Its super cute so enter NOW!@ZathyM #Giveaway

Contest will end when i feel like it so get your entries in! Have a fun day tweeting away!


  1. GFC- Danya Mehta
    Twitter- DaniyaMehta

    I found Pink Clouds on facebook , and i just love yhis page, I follow you on twitter,gfc

  2. GFC: shilpa gandotra
    twitter: shilpagandotra
    found it pink clouds while searching for some product review long time back - have been hooked on ever since for all the giveaways!

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  4. GFC: Yendrilla
    twitter handle: @yendrilla
    I have known pink clouds from a friend of mine on Facebook...her name is shilpi.. So I thought I should check it out.. Found it I joined ..
    I am a resident of India :)

  5. GFC: April
    Twitter: Chic_musing
    I came across Pink Clouds via Facebook.

  6. GFC- crazy
    Twitter- crazycool447
    I found Pink Clouds on Facebook , i just love this page. The tips you update on your wall are really useful and helpful. You also keep upto date about the latest trends and fashion.

  7. GFC- iswarya laxmi
    Twitter- @ilaxmi
    I found Pink Clouds on pink clouds

  8. GFC name is Barbara Mayes, Twitter handle is @mustang96csr and I found Pink Clouds on Facebook!

  9. gfc is blew415
    twitter is llew415
    I found you on fb!

  10. GFC - anamika
    twitter - chw_honey

    i came to know about you while surfing on web :)

  11. GFC: sun shine
    Twitter: SabaAhmed18
    I found Pink clouds page on fb. i came to know about this page when my friend started share your posts and giveaways :)

  12. oh! read all the details just now :/ this giveaway is not for me only for islamabad residents. anyways best of luck to all :)

  13. My GFC : Tithi Biswas
    Twitter name: @biswas_tith
    Reached new trends on Pink clouds via facebook!!
    Thanks a ton :)

  14. GFC~ O Williams
    Twitter- MrsWalter88
    I found Pink Clouds on Facebook! :)
    Thanks for the chance! :)

  15. GFC id: neha mishra
    Twitter: neha01237
    I found Pink Clouds on Fb...A frnd had shared a pic of one of ur wonderful giveaways.... :)

  16. GFC:Aprajita Trivedi
    Twttter Handle:@guriya83
    i came across @pink cloud through Facebook ((:

  17. Hi,Thanks 4 the giveaway :)
    GFC : Falguni Trivedi
    Twitter handle: @falgunitweets
    I came to know Pink Clouds when one of my friend had shared your giveaway post.

  18. GFC : Jasmeet Kaur
    Twitter handle: @jasmeetkr
    I found Pink Clouds on Facebook.. One of my friend tagged me on your giveaway :)
    Thanks for the giveaway :)

  19. GFC- Krishu, Kishu,
    Twitter- krishna_chavda

    I found this awesome page Pink Clouds on facebook ,I follow you on twitter,gfc :))) Thank u so much for the lovely Giveaway

  20. gfc Juana Gavi

    twitter @juanagavi


    I also found pink clouds on facebook! I follow on facebook, email,gfc and twitter!

  21. GFC: Sania
    Twitter: @saniaakbar
    Found Pink Clouds on Fb :)



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