Monday, September 24, 2012

Cinnamon Lipstick from Just Pure Minerals

Having quite a great week trying to test out different lipsticks and lip glosses! Its amazing sometimes how unique the shades are.. how different lip colors look on different people. Its a whole new world out there.. and when you get into it.. its quite impossible to get out. True yeah?

What you can see here is a beautiful reddish brown shade! Its a really lovely lip color that can be used on your naked lips to give a soft glowy look and can be used on top of a lip liner (fill up your lips with a liner of a similiar shade) to give a bold deep lip color. Both ways this shade is really pretty though i like it more casual especially especially during the day.

The right amount of red and brown.. a perfect combination i would say. I know my lip swatch is a bit lopsided LOL. My camera isnt good enough to take a better picture but i hope you get the idea of what it looks like. This is my casual day time lip make up.. i have used this lipstick on my naked lips using a lip brush. Not too much.. just a little does the trick.

Other factors:

Medium pigmented
Glowy shade
Very moisturising
Stays on 2-3 hours
Has no taste
Smells of chocolate mint
Feels minty and cool on the lips
100% Vegan


Love this!!!!!!! The color is super sexy! Must try!


  1. Absolutely luved the rusty-brown shade :)

  2. ah !! rust brown !! i used to luv browns before ... now m stuck with pinks n plums

  3. I bet you can't help but licking it all the time!!eheheh, yummy!


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