Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Cupcake trial i had from A&M Cupcakes!

It was really amazing how A&M Cupcakes had this trial offer where we can request them to send you a bunch of cupcakes so you can try them!! Isnt that so awesome? So i requested for some cupcakes and they were delivered home the next day!!! WOW!

It came in this pretty pink box looking all yummy and waiting to be eaten up!! They gave me 6 cupcakes! Since we have 4 people at home.. we were able to eat a cupcake each.. and we had some friends over so they had the rest 2. It was all eaten up in less than an hour :P

Chocolate cake with dark chocolate ganache
Chocolate cake with white chocolate ganache
Choc chip cake with dark chocolate ganache
Almond and Lemon Cake

I am a great fan of dark chocolates and cupcakes! So it was a perfect combination for me. (Yes i had the one with dark chocolate) LOVED LOVED it!! It was yummyyy!! Im not so into too much of sweetness so i liked that the cupcakes were not too sweet. It was just right.. sweet but not too sweet. The sponge was so soft and the icing totally melted in my mouth!!!!!!!!!!!!! Totally loved it and will definitely try more flavors very soon!

So want to have a look at their menu? Click HERE


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