Wednesday, March 21, 2012

BonBliss Sweet Satsuma Scrub 2 Go (Mini Solid Hand Scrub)

All those who follow me on my Facebook would know that i won this scrub on a giveaway hosted by BonBliss. My Facebook is full of giveaways and fun stuff so please do hop onto my Facebook and have a look! 

As the name says.. this product is a luxurious treat for your skin.. no chemicals, no SLS and no parabens! Nothing harmful in it! Enriched in so many nourishing oils.. its a really moisturizing formula. So awesome. This is actually a hand scrub but the instructions say you can use it on your body too so i mostly use it for my feet and knees. The scrub comes in a cute little tin and is really handy especially if you are travelling its convenient. You can pop this into your handbag and start your journey.

There are 15 cubes in here! Wrapped up like cutey little candies!! Arent they so cute? I usually use one cube for each feet and give a generous scrub! But if you're worried that you're using too much product.. then you can use half a cube on each feet and that works fine too.


Its a salt and sugar formulation so it doesnt foam. NO foam or lather. Just crumble a cube into your hands and rub it into your wet skin. I massage it for a few minutes and i feel the sugar and salt melts in leaving a layer of oil onto my skin. At first you might feel its really greasy but once you wash off the scrub and wipe your skin. You feel that your skin feels fresh and totally moisturized. 


I choose Sweet Satsuma and its a wonderful smell of oranges! LOVELY!! Its like wrapping my feet in a pool of sweet orange juice! I love the smell.. its a very sweet orangy smell. Smells just like Orange flavored candy!

Does it work for me?

I chose to use this scrub on my feet because i realised my feet needed some special attention and this scrub really helped moisturize my feet and provide gentle exfoliation. There is nothing harsh about this scrub.. it provides really gentle exfoliation and adds a layer of nourishing oil to make it soft and smooth. Im totally loving this scrub and i use it on my driest areas.

Will i recommend?

This is a must try! A must have.. you can use it very often like i do.. or use it on special occasions to give your skin a treat. Check out BonBliss and see what scents might interest you because they got loads of different scents so im sure there will be something you will love to try as well!


  1. woww packaging is fab. great review!

  2. oh thats nice !!! thnks for sharing

  3. looks great i also need something for my feet

    ple turn off spell check

  4. seems to be a great product...if i come across it in the market would surely buy it..afterall who doesnt like pampering :)

  5. This sounds like such a cool product. I bet it makes your hands super soft. I am a lotion freak, and need my hands to be soft. Definitely looking more into these :)


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