Saturday, March 10, 2012

March Cuteness: Hello Kitty Charm with UV Reactive Beads from Stefi's Boutique!

Hello to all those who love Hello Kitty :-) Dont you want everything around you to be Hello Kitty! Its such an addiction isnt it!?

See this cute little charm that i got from Stefi's Boutique, i have attached to my mobile phone. Dont you love it?

Can you see the little Hello Kitty in there? Isnt it so cute??!! I really hope you can see because my camera doesnt focus so close anymore.. i wonder why. This is all i can zoom. Anyways those who arent that fascinated by Hello Kitty and are YET to be addicted.. i know you're wondering whats so special about this charm. Whats so awesome about it? Well its the pretty little UV reactive beads that are attached to it.

See those beads!! When kept inside the house.. the beads are transparent. Once you take them out it changes color according to the amount of UV rays around! Isnt that awesome! I was waiting all morning for some sun to actually show you the color changes BUT for some reason Colombo had her least sunny days today LOL Talk about timing! LOL. I think today must have been the day i would welcome some UV rays in here! hehe.. Anyways there was little change in color as you can see the beads are changing from being transparent to little yellow.. then purple.. and then blue. The more UV rays there is, the darker the beads become. So i think this charm is like an indicator to us girls to remind us when to load ourselves with sunscreen. :-) I carry this around at all times since its attached to my mobile and its really fun to see how the color changes from place to place! And to be UV ALERT at all times!

Dont you want one of these? You can check them out at Stefi's Boutique! They got lovely charms, painted false nails and so much more! 

So this is my March Cuteness! What is yours?

Have a Pink Day :-)


  1. very cute <3

  2. so cute
    lovely post

    thanks for stopping by my blog


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