Friday, February 21, 2014

Brilliant Love Heart Lip Care 3 Step System

Lip care has been something i have been totally Lagging behind .. i had always kept the Lush lip scrubs on my wishlist but never really gotten to trying them .. they are kinda pricey right. Anyways i got a chance to try this AMAZING LIP CARE SYSTEM and im not sure if i will be Able to find another product That works so well. Trust me i am not kidding! 

Step 1  - A lip mask that helps gently exfoliate and remove dead cells, skin etc. Just apply a little to coat your lips, let it sit for 2 minutes and slowly exfoliate using a wet towel / tissue .

It very gently exfoliates but totally removes all the dry skin and makes lips feel so soft and smooth! An amazing lip mask + scrub.

Step 2 - A lip gel patch which needs to be put onto your lips and you need to let it sit for about 15 mins. Treats, Moisturizes and exfoliates your lips.

I know it looks kinda Sillly but this is my most favorite step! After 15 mins i can see a major improvement in my lips. My lips are super soft, smooth and feels full and plump. Amazing! It works! And i love the lovely peach scent!

Step 3 - A lip essence that helps make your lips stay soft and smooth. This is the last step to the lip treatment.

This has a really pleasant peach scent to it and a rose tint. Works well as a lip balm .. i use it using the day when i feel my lips need some moisture.

So ..

I use this treatment once a week and i love LOVE how my lips feel right after! Its just so amazing! I love the gel patch the most .. the sweet peach scent and the soothing relaxing feeling is definitely a must try for everyone who wants their lips to give some extra love. This lip care product Seems to be so popular Among Korean celebrities and beauty Gurus .. well now i know why! 

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