Thursday, February 20, 2014

Dinner Date at Wagamama Lagoona Mall [Restaurant Review and Winners Post]

No we dont really celebrate Valentine's day .. but then again when you find out you won a dinner for 2 at a Japanese restaurant .. what would you do? Yes thats exactly what we did! We gladly went and enjoyed our lovely dinner treat !

It was a pleasant surprise! We were given a table at around 8. The place was beautiful! It was decorated with red hearts, with some light music on! They really had the whole 'love' thingy going on. LOL!

We were told that the dinner was on the house .. We could pretty much order whatever we liked. They had absolutely no conditions! That was very nice and generous of them. The service was very friendly .. all smiles and nods. Loved the atmosphere. They were child friendly as well .. they got crayons for the little ones and also kids meals if you do need to order any. Taking a little child wasnt a problem at all. 

It was our first time here so we really did not order too many dishes .. it felt a little wrong. My husband was feeling a little awkward because it was a free dinner so he did not want to get 'over the top'. We had some chilli squid for starters and it was so crispy and yummy!

We always share our main courses .. we never order similar food so we can try different stuff out and also its really romantic to share your meals .. dont you think?

The Chili Beef Ramen was so yummy!! Really flavourful and a little spicy! Awesome! Mr. Husband had his eye on this dish so i let him take over. LOL.

Mr. Baby and i shared this Teriyaki Beef Soba. It was yummy! Loved it! Loads and loads of beef, vegetables and other goodness! I was totally full! Yes so full that i had no space for dessert :-( 

Well no meal is complete without a refreshing dessert so we ordered fruit salad with passion fruit frozen yogurt!!!!! Totally refreshing! Loved the frozen yogurt! It was sooooo good!!

Sigh .. yes the evening had come to an end .. tummies were full and we were sent home with a beautiful rose and some beautiful smiles! Ofcourse it was such a lovely evening and some really yummy food! Loved the place, the food and their service. Cant wait to go there again!  Thanks to  Wagamama Qatar for inviting us for the amazing dinner! 

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  1. Awesome...yeah we too share our that we can taste different

  2. Mutton Biriyani is my all-time favorite food.
    I live in Chennai :)

  3. The Chili Beef Ramen looks so yummy, my hubbyz eyes would pop out aswell!!... Ma Fav Eat Out in Chennai are (1) Tuscana Pizzeria (Americana Pizza and Paté di Fegato di Pollo) and (2) Escape Dine (Herb Rice and Grilled Fish/ Chilly Beef)

  4. How awesome. I am loving the 'redness' of the place and surely, it would be really a nice date. Things look exotic and magical.

  5. the food looks amazing....miss ur pic though!

  6. Food looks yummy, awesome clicks :)

  7. Amazing pix and food looks so yum and fresh.....xoxoxo....:)

  8. foods looks really yum...n lovely clicks n post <3<3
    my recent one :

  9. yummy!
    I followed you, hope you can follow our Street Style Blog back :) Hope you like it!


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