Monday, April 23, 2012

BonBliss Mango Papaya Solid Body Scrub

They look so cute! I got these in the mail 2 weeks ago. Check out my post on my weekly mail to find out what other goodies i received. I finally got time to try out one of them. All the flavours sound interesting but as a fan of fruity scents.. i chose to try Mango Papaya the 1st!

Texture and How to use:

Its a typical salt and sugar scrub! Enriched with loads of nourishing oils.. its such a treat to my skin. It comes in this easy one time use packaging for all those who hate trying to reach a tub or jar and pull out the product. Just crumble the scrub onto your hands and gently rub on the skin. It provides gentle exfoliation and adds a layer of moisture to the skin.


SMELLS YUM! I loved the smell of mangoes and papaya.. the mango seems to dominate and there is a slight scent of papaya in there. My bathroom smelt so good for 2 days after using this.. i smelt good the whole day! Loved it so much!

The Goodness and the Not so Goodness:

The good stuff is that its all natural and smells really good. You can use it if you have dry skin or if you want to give your skin a super treat! I would like to use this maybe twice a month.. and give myself a full exfoliation + moisturization treatment. :-)

The bad stuff is that some people may find this scrub a little too greasy for them. So if you dont like too much of oil or moisture.. you can avoid using this during the summers and pick it up during the winter. IT IS AN IDEAL SCRUB FOR THE HARSH COLD WINTERS WHEN YOUR SKIN NEEDS THAT EXTRA LAYER OF MOISTURE. 



Will i recommend?

Yes a definite must have in your spa list. Keep a jar of these sweets in your bathroom! It will look so cute and work well too! In case you're wondering.. AND i know you are. Is a single one enough for your whole body? YES! Since im petite.. i felt it was a little too much product for one single use.

P.S one of these cuties will be given to one of my fans on my Facebook to sample so make sure you hop on there and join. I will choose a fan on random.


  1. Hey wwoww looks such a yummy treat :D!

  2. great :):)

  3. lovely review :) these scrubs look cute i love fruity smell like strawberry and mango

  4. great review i always like these kind /hand made soaps

  5. I love the lashes...really cute...

  6. These look cute (and yummmy) ;P
    Would love to try them sometime

  7. Oh My God...These scrubs have been packed like chocolates :)...would love to try them..from where can i order these??


    1. You can order them through their Facebook page:

      Remember to say Pink Clouds sent me :)

  8. they want to come into my mouth...ehm i wanted to say bath!!! :P

  9. I've never seen and try this before. Wish I could try it.

  10. They look so pretty..and i love mango...i desperately want to try this one...but ya its summers and i dont really like too much moisture as its already humid...i guess wud hv to wait for a few months to try ths out :)


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