Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Zeal Moisturing Body Lotion

Its been a while since i posted a review.. i have been super busy with stuff.. personal and also blog wise. Details will be posted up very soon once things are settled a bit. Anyways it would be a step ahead and great news for all my readers! Yay to US!

So the product have here is a very new product to the Sri Lankan Market! Zeal Moisturing Body Lotion from Beauty Needz! Amazing how i am able to try out the latest entries way before it reaches the public! hehe.. its exciting isnt it. Anways i have been trying it out for quite sometime now and so its review time!


Texture & Moisturization:

A typical body lotion texture.. glides onto skin well. Gets absorbed onto skin pretty soon leaving a layer of moisture. Leaves skin moisturized and feels really soft and smooth! Perfect for normal skin during the day night. Doesnt feel greasy so its perfect for those hot summer days!


Complicated scent! So i would call it a ladylike scent! Which ofcourse means i cant figure out what it smells of exactly! hehe! I know i cheat like that sometimes. Ladylike = Clueless! Not fruity or floral.. its very powdery.  Not overpowering but a little strong so stays onto skin for long hours. Never tried a scent like this before. Im a more fruity type of person so i would say its not my type of scent but you might find it interesting.. so do try and get a sniff!


A good LIGHT moisturizer for daytime use.. the ingredients show no parabens so a YAY to that! Moisturizes well for normal skin. If you got very dry skin then it might not work for you. The only thing you need to look into is its scent so take a sniff!



  1. is this product safe?????

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