Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Black and White from Asian Fashionist and the Winners of the Week!

I was just going through my clothes.. giving away some.. throwing some.. and doing a mental list of what i need to buy to update my closet. Well made a huge shopping list! Which means loads of shopping and loads of haul posts :-) dont we love those? Also i just realised i need to add some colors to my wardrobe but i need some whites too. I got loads of black.. not many whites so decided i need to get some BLACK AND WHITE! So had a look at Asian Fashionist and made a wish list below. In case you arent aware of this online store let me just give you a small introduction.

Asian Fashionist is an online store that sell ASIAN clothing for women and men! They got loads and loads of collections of clothing and accessories and YES THEY SHIP WORLDWIDE! Free delivery too! so you might want to have a look at their site. Now shall we have a look at some of the cutiest black and white tops they got? 

Arent they like super cute??! Definitey must haves! Do let me know which ones you love and which one you would love to own.


Ear Candy : Emily Morgan
Little Princess: Bint E Saleem
A World of Perfumes: Stephy Weaver
All Over me: Bobin, Srinaa Dia, Nazzine Nimma, Vierra Hindle & Saraa Hasreeh
Rose Petals : Graca Lopes 
Snow White : 1st prize - Sintu, 2nd prize - Nadia Mohajireen, 3rd prize - Fathima Nazleeya
Pink Ink : Avi Kumar
Fill in the Closet : Shevanthi Seneviratne
Pillow Fights: Anna Maree
I Love.. Giveaways : Naz Ali

Congrats to the winners and please make sure you email me - tell me your full name, address and contact number to within 48 hours to claim your prizes. 


  1. I love the 5th, 6th and 10th :)

  2. They are super cute! I could see my daughter wearing this collection :)

  3. I love all these wonderful outfits except for the one with the bright pink.
    Wish that they would suit me but im not as skinny as that model so dont think they would suit me at all :(

  4. I love both the tops with the polka dots, especially the one with short puffed sleeves, the peplum houndstooth, and the black with a white lace shoulder. Lovely!

  5. Asian sites have such cute stuff.. We need more of hat in our markets as well .. Love to just go through all the niceties :)

  6. All time classic outfits!!!Very elegant, though surprisingly fresh! Love them!!!
    Kalhmera Olh Mera

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  8. All are really superb.
    You should go for Black n White, they look awesome n spectacular in all occasion.

  9. I love them all except for the one with the pink lips.

  10. very nices asian girls

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    1. Love the top in the third picture!

      Black and white outfits are an absolute classic!

  12. Love the black and white dresses. They are simply awesome.

  13. I love number 1, 4 and 10 :)

  14. i just love the outfit with the black and white vest where can i buy this is stunning you look amazing

  15. i love all the dresses :D

    visit my blog ^^

  16. Congrats winners.
    All model's outfits are very beautiful.
    Loving this black & white combination <3

  17. eu já conheco esta lojinha tem coisas bonitas!

  18. I love buying online, but especially with these kind of stores I never get the right size, they are always smaller...Anywayss, love your picks!

  19. I love the Houndstooth shirt!!!

  20. Every outfit is cute! This is the first time i heard of Asian Fashionist,gonna check them out now..thanks!! :)

  21. Congrats to the winners! I like the first top best-very feminine!

  22. You have a really good taste. I like a lot the dresses.

  23. i love and use very often black and white outfits


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