Monday, June 27, 2011

The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil Facial Exfoliator

Hey Ladies! How’s everyone? Hope you all had a lovely weekend. :-D I had quite a long tiring weekend and didn’t get time to come online at all. What did you do this weekend? Went out anywhere fun? Did any shopping? Or just stayed home and watched movies? 
After a long weekend, you need to start your new week with a fresh bright face.. Yeah? Yes. Today I will be reviewing my face scrub.


Blemish-beating polish to unblock pores and reveal a smoother complexion. With triple action Community Trade Tea Tree oil. Breakouts are minimised with regular use.

Gently massage onto wet skin, rinse. Use once or twice a week.

What I think about the product:

A transparent easy use tube.. which is easy to use and also carry around when travelling.

The exfoliator is light green in colour with very tiny bits of brown which is not that visible unless you look really close. It smells so strong of tea tree oil.. I wouldn’t say it has a pleasant smell though.. it smells like a herbal cream. Its a very mild exfoliator and doesn’t have any beads or anything. It has a very creamy texture.. and a little of it is enough for the whole face and neck. ( I use it on my neck too).

I use this exfoliator because I have VERY sensitve skin and during the winters when I was in Islamabad I noticed that many other face scrubs that I had tried were making my skin break out, peel and my face was always sore and red after exfoliation. 

I don’t have oil skin.. I have dry skin.. but after seeing the words ‘BLEMISHED SKIN’ I decided to give this product a try. I had bought so many different kinds of scrubs.. used them just once or twice and thrown them out! I don’t even remember half of their names and the reasons why I hated them. And finally I found this :-D I have been using this product for over a year now and im completely satisfied. Its very mild formulation but it does polish skin and  give it a glow.. but those who are used to using products with alotta beads will find this scrub a little too mild for their skin so I recommend only those who want mild scrubs.. and those who have really sensitive skin go for this.

Effect on skin:
Face looks smooth and bright and feels really soft without any irritation or redness.

One thing I noticed is that it doesn’t completely get rid of blackheads! I know :( and blackheads will have to be treated differently.. that’s what I do. Apart of that and the smell.. I simply LOVE this facial exfoliator.

Will I repurchase it?
Yes! :-D

Hope you all liked my review..  if anyone has used this product please share your reviews with me! Whats your most favourite facial exfoliator? Tell us :-D


  1. I tried the TBS tea tree facial wash.. didnt like the smell since I hav combination skin... n almost all the scrubs o exfoliators dont work for blackheads... Try aroma magic's peppermint blackhead gel

  2. I will try that :) thank you!

  3. I love body shop products. I hate the tea tree smell too but i have to admit its effective especially on pimple prone skin like mine. Used it sometimes back with the face wash and i loved the results. If asked, yes i would bye it again.

  4. Good to know it worked for you too! Thanks :-D

  5. i love the body shop tea tree range.... seriously they all work well...... :)


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