Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Oriflame Pingoo Collection

I just saw the latest catalogue from oriflame and noticed this really cuuuuuuute range that was introduced this month. The Pingoo Collection!

Its sooooo cute :-)

  •  Pingoo hair & body wash
LKR. 479

  • Pingoo soap bar
LKR. 229

  • Penguin wash glove
LKR. 449

Isnt it so cute?!
its actually a range for kids and its supposed to be safe for sensitive skin. The item that caught my eye was the PENGUIN WASH GLOVE!! its so cute! so i was thinking of getting him this month :-)

Has anyone of you tried any of these products?
Are they any good?

Tell me your reviews!

Have a Pink Day :-)


  1. I bought the glove, too...So cute!!! :->

  2. Yeaaaaaaaaa i remember u told me :-) i cant wait to get my hands on it too! Welcome to my blog :-)

  3. :) Thank you..
    And you better hurry...who knows whether they'll import more if they runout...:-??

  4. this pingo soap s looking cuteeeee :-)

  5. Yea i knoww! i dont think any1 has used it yet so we can get some reviews..

  6. love the soap bar! :D Nice blog ZatZ ;D

  7. Thanks alot Rashfa and its really nice to see u here :-)
    have u used the soap bar?

  8. Hey Zats, i have placed the order for the wash glove...and other thing will do another haul check back...

  9. I will keep in touch :-D
    Thanks for following back!

  10. I love penguins!! I think I will get this ^_^


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