Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Maybelline WHITESTAY UV Mousse Foundation

Hello! hows everyone? im good and hope you're good too :-) I was thinking maybe i can do a review on a face product today! i haven't still done one and i was thinking why not so this is the product i will be reviewing today!

(the picture i have posted is the foundation in porcelain but i will reviewing the shade creamy natural)

Now you can see from the picture that its a very convenient and pretty packaging. Its easy to carry around in your handbag and easy to use. But there's always the hygiene factor :( you have to dip your fingertips into the container when using so this is not really hygienic and also makeup stays more fresh and lasts longer when its not in contact with your fingers.

This is what it looks like:
Amazing whitening foundation in an air-soft mousse texture

So there you can see how much of it has been used :-) and its a very pretty shade isnt it. There are a few more shades available and you can choose the right shade i.e a little darker or bit more lighter according to your skin color. I dont seem to be able to find them on the net. If you own any other shades please send me the swatches :-)

What i think about this product:
  • First of all, it has a pleasant smell :-) Yes! make up should always smell beautiful :-) 
  • It has a smooth creamy texture which is easy to blend and spreads well.
  • It has SPF 24.
  • It has a whitening factor but honestly im not really sure if it does help whiten skin but it makes the skin look really bright and gives a healthy look.
  • It has a light VERY light shimmer to it and its really beautiful especially in the night.. but it doesnt really show up during the day so its perfect for both day and night use.
  • Good for the hot weather.. it doesnt melt away.
  • Perfect for beginners and people who prefer light foundation and nothing too complicated.
  • Can be used as a primer for eyeshadow as well.

One problem is that its not available easily here in Colombo. Im not sure where its available and how much it costs here in Colombo coz this one was brought down frm Hongkong.. and i heard that the whitestay foundation is only available in Asia and not in Europe.

My final verdict:
A nice foundation which is ideal for day to day wear.

Will i repurchase it?
Yes i will :-D but i think next time i would have to be more careful in choosing the right shade for my skin color coz i feel this is a little light for my skin.

Hope you liked my review.. please include your own reviews and opinions on this product so i can see what you think as well! And if you know of better products you can suggest them to me.


  1. Thanks Zathi for the review..I wasn't aware of this product of Maybelline .

  2. u dont get this product anymore but now u hav the maybelline dream matte mousse foundation... something similar except for the whitening part

  3. ohh! really :( dats bad.. but is it good?

  4. an amazing product but you don't get it here unfortunately.. I got the Maybelline dream mouse blush aswel.. Its a little lighter for my skin tone but an amazing product ... Maybelline never dissapoints

  5. Yea Maybelline is good esp their mascaras! i got the mousse blush in cloud wine.. and i want to get one in berry! :-D

  6. i think i need to try it on...

  7. is it available in islamabad?

  8. nice product. but we dont get this in india.

  9. Same here.. we dont get this in Lanka

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