Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Showers Gels & Scrubs!

I love shower gels & body scrubs and im always trying to buy something new and add to my collection :-) its almost like an addiction! LOL

Varieties of Shower Gels & Scrubs -
  • Fruit or Floral Shower Gel
  • Aromatherapy Shower Gel
  • Shower Gels for different skin types
  • All in one Shower Gel
Living in Sri Lanka, we dont really get many brands in the local supermarket and its always a treat when someone brings them down from abroad!

This is my small collection :-)
(reviews of each will be added later)

Please post your favorites & your reviews!

Have a Pink Day :-)


  1. I love Dove Bodywash! It smells really nice and is so moisturising.

  2. :-)
    Yea i have also used Dove and its awesomeeee!

  3. Try Oriflame ;
    Discover Scandinavia shower gel,
    Silk and smooth in shower cream,
    Silk and radiance shower cream or scrub,
    Milk and honey shower creams or scrub...
    They are so good for the skin and don't leave it dry.. :)

    I see that you already have the Discover Phuket body scrub... ;)

    Other than that I love;

    Turkish delight shower cream
    Flying fox shower gel

    Intensive Care Body Wash

    Triple butter creamy vanilla body wash
    Exfoliating apricot scrub

    Pampering oil shower oil
    Cashmere moments shower cream

    Shower cream - Pomegranate & Aloe Vera

    I don't like Lux or Rexona shower gels cuz I already have a dry body skin and they leave my skin even more dry [-x
    and I haven't tried Dove...:-??

  4. oh wow u seem to have a great huge list! thanks alot for sharing!

    is freeman truly luscious good for dry skin? i saw it the other day at arpico bt was having doubts on buying it!

  5. and yea Discover Phuket body scrub was a gift from my sis :)

  6. Body shop-
    i just love dem!!
    first thing is they are 100% natural..
    and they have a whole range you can choose from..
    and the fruity smells are so awesome to choose from..and each scrub has natural oil seeds to moisturize ure skin..
    and of course they have a different varieties for different types of skin..

    the only problem is its not available in lanka =( which is very sad!! you have to wait until some one goes abroad to get!!

  7. Hey Misfa Farook :) Nice to see u here :P
    Well yes! ur right.. we have to always wait long hoping someone goes abroad to get it! Body Shop is just so awesome!

  8. hi i am following you...
    hope a follow back...


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