Monday, July 4, 2011

Fruits Garden Strawberry Apple Body Scrub

Hey ladies :-D How are you all? Hope your weekend was good :-D Today im going to review a 'not so popular' body scrub. hehe! Yea.. i havent heard of this brand before nor have i seen anyone review on it so wanted to give it a try. If you have used it pleease do let me know! 

This was actually a gift from a friend who came from the UK. She knows i love bath stuff so she told me that she uses this body scrub and totally loves it so she wanted me to have a tub as well. How Sweet :-D

So you can see its a transparent tub and looks so pink and cute coz the scrub is pink in color! Yes its pretty in pink!

Appearance & Texture:

Light pink in color which is very attractive :-D has very tiny white beads like little snow flakes in them but they are so mild you dont feel them at all when applied onto your skin. Has a rather thick consistency which makes it so easy to scoop out using fingers or a spatula. ( its always better to use a spatula but im too lazy!)


Smells sooooooo good! YES so GOOD! of apples.. i dont get any smell of strawberries though.. its just apples and apples. 

Is it a good scrub?

Hmm.. i CANT say yes.. coz it doesnt really do anything to the skin. It doesnt make it feel soft nor does the skin feel exfoliated. Its more like a body wash that doesnt foam.. its too mild for my liking!   

3 Reasons to like this product:
  • Lovely smell
  • Doesnt dry skin or cause any irritation
  • Cheap

Will i repurchase?

This was actually a gift but if i ever get to see this on the shelves again.. i WOULD NOT purchase it. Its too mild for my skin. I want my scrubs to do a bit of scrubbing. :P its such a shame that a product with such a delicious smell just doesnt do what it should :(

So have you used this? What do you think?


  1. Have never heard of it, but what a pretty pink color. Too bad it didn't work out for you.

  2. I hav seen this at glamours zathy.... but never bought it ..... try the freeman s sugar scrub u will love it

  3. Yea i need a new body scrub.. i will try the sugar scrub :-D Thanks Sugar!

  4. The colour is quite appealing, but too bad the scrub isn't good enough. New follower! Do check out my blog too. ^^

  5. Yea i know.. its such a shame! yea will check it out rite now :)

    Thanks alot for following!

  6. It sounds like it smells amazing! :) Cute blog dear, and great review

  7. Thanks alot Vintage Makeup!


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