Sunday, July 17, 2011

My Summer Besties! - Tagged!

Hey Ladies :-D How are you all? Im good! and im glad i finally got some time to come online. Today im going to do something fun :-D Thanks alot Christine from Makeup, Beauty & Fashion for tagging me and here are some of my favorite products this summer! :-D

Clean & Clear deep action cream wash:

Tea tree face mask:

Front Cover Rainbow eyes:

CCUK Lip Shiner Lip Gloss:

 Navratna Hair oil:

Freeman 2 in 1 Exfoliating Body Wash:

Coconut Shimmer Body Butter:

Johnson's baby cologne morning dew:

My pink foot brush:

So these are my summer besties! Hope you liked them!

Now i will tag some lovely ladies to show us their summer besties as follows:

Pandora's Box
Sugar Junkie
Sara Hassan's Blog
The Dollar Dollhouse
Vintage Makeup
I love Shopping

Waiting to see your summer besties!

Have a Pink Day! :-D


  1. I just did 1 for the make up... I wild o 1 for skincare aswel... :D

  2. Thanx for the tag :)
    Will post it in a while :)

  3. Hey...this is a great post/tag. Love the idea. Thanks :)

  4. i know its fun isnt it! i was tagged by someone. you should do a post like this too!

  5. Yay, Its so fun to see you doing this as well :) Love your post. I love how the Front Cover Rainbow eyes look, beautiful colors :)

    Love Christine ♥

  6. Thanks for tagging me hon. I will do a post as soon as I feel a bit better. I`m loving your fav summer stuff. The coconut shimmering BB sounds amazing. Have you done a review on it?

  7. hey zatz thanks, did it check it out :)

  8. hehe thanks for tagging me, I'll get a post up asap! You've got some pretty cool stuff, that eyeshadow pallet looks so pretty & that's such a cute little foot brush! ^.^

  9. Thank you, I'll be sure to do it soon! :)

  10. Thanks alot everyone :-D
    @pandora- nope not yet but will do it soon!

  11. great picks :) thanks for the tag. Now I feel like trying the Freeman body wash so bad.

  12. you should try it soon :-D i will do a review on it pretty soon!

  13. I love Clean & Clear. Used it before for my zits and it's very effective.

  14. i love the clean n clear and the navratna oil...does really giv u that thanda thanda cool cool for the summers for a sound sleep

  15. i really like front cover booklet <3 this is cutem, from where did you get it?


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