Monday, July 25, 2011

Oriflame Discover Phuket Exotic Paradise Body Scrub

Hey Ladies! Its review day today and im going to review a cute lime green coloured body scrub! :-D

Oriflame Discover Phuket Exotic Paradise Body Scrub:

So looks interesting yea? :-D

Doesnt look lime green in my pictures.. maybe my camera doesnt catch colours that well :P

Now the factor that may attract people like me towards this product are the words 'Exotic' and 'Paradise' hehe.. i know. And the colour of this tube! its beautiful! Its a very fresh looking package!

My thoughts on this product:

The name of this product gives you this really fruity fresh feeling! And so does its smell!! It has a nice lemony citrusy smell! I love the smell of lemon.. it smells soo fresh and clean! :-D

The scrub is light yellowish in colour with green exfoliating beads in them.. and some crystals that look like sugar particles but its not so visible unless you start scrubbing. I use a loofah with this scrub.. you can pour a little (a little is good enough) and start scrubbing. Then you realise that the green beads do nothing really.. maybe its just there for the scrub to look interesting LOL. But the sugar particles work a little and give you a slight exfoliating feeling.. and within mins the sugar particles melt away and suddenly this scrub becomes a body wash!!!!!! hehe.. basically it has VERY mild exfoliating effects and is more like a exfoliating body wash with a good lather. If you are planning to use this product as your main body scrub.. its a bad idea as its not good enough for a good 'once a week' body scrub. Its more suitable to be used 2 to 3 times a week as an exfoliating body wash that cleans skin and also exfoliates it slightly.

After you step out of the shower you feel fresh and clean, it cleans skin well. But the smell of lemon isnt there anymore.. :( Skin feels clean but i cant say it keeps skin soft and smooth.. i dont see any difference in my skin. But it doesnt dry skin which is an advantage.. i have normal skin.. so its advisable to moisturise skin well after using this product.

Overall i feel its an OK product that could be renamed as an exfoliating body wash to be more accurate.

Will i repurchase it?

No.. it was a pleasure trying it out though! I would try something new next time!

Have you used this product? What are your thoughts?

Have a Pink Day :-D


  1. zats nyc review....

  2. Thanks Zathi for the review :)

  3. hey Zats i have been wanting to try this one.

  4. What a cute name. I loooove Phuket it`s paradise on earth. This sounds nice and refreshing.

  5. @Sugar- :-D

    @Pooja- :-D

    @Soft,Sweet and Gentle- Try it and let me know what you think!

    @Pandora's Box- You should give it a try!

  6. Too bad it isnt as good as it looks. But great review. =D

  7. Thanks for the wonderful review. :) <3

  8. Looked good, but not a good product..i like to smell nice for a long time after the shower..

  9. I am also not a huge fan of oriflame products but you did a great job Zatz !! I am too going to write a review on the most disappointing product from oriflame
    do check

  10. I need it!!!
    Elli Petsanidou

  11. Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    Hey please contact me if you want anything from oriflame. Just drop in an email at or like my page Hope to hear from you.

    I will suggest you products that won’t disappoint you.


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