Friday, September 16, 2011

Just want to let you all know - I will be missing for awhile.

Hey Ladies! I will be having my planned c section tomorrow so i will have to get admitted in the hospital tonight. I know its so sudden because i didnt know myself! And it wasnt even scheduled until last evening. Im not sure when i would be able to come online again.. hopefully soon.

Until then hope you will all miss me. I will miss you all.
Do pray for me and my little one.

(in case i win any giveaways please keep the goodies safe until im back hehe!)


Have a Pink Day :-)


  1. oh Zatz yo r a strong girl!tak car swty, everythng s gonnna b fine & my prayers r alwys der fr yo!!
    return to d blog'n wrld soon wit ur lil bundl f happines

    miss ya!!

  2. oh sweeties, take care, dont worry everything will be fine. you will be in our prayers.
    Come back soon with your lil one :)

  3. you will come back soon safely...brave girl be strong...
    come back soon with newborns pictures

  4. Oh Take care Zathi :) waiting for d gud news :D

  5. Hey doll
    Ill sure put in a little prayer for you.
    We will def miss you.

  6. You would come back safely and bring back a little doll. Best wishes for te little one

  7. Hey gal..don't worry..everything will turn out fine...n hope to see some FOTDs (LOL!) of the little bundle of joy when it arrives!

  8. Can't wait to have you and your little angel back. May Allah bless you both with health and a long beautiful life together amin. Be strong now...Our prayers are with you.

  9. We'll be praying
    Take care of yourself & the little one

    But I can't wait for pictures when you do get back ;)


  10. Hey gal..take would be fine..waiting for the good news n pics..:)

  11. Best of luck .I am new to your blog .Follow each other .

  12. Thanks alot everyone :-) God Bless you all :-)


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