Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Loreal White Perfect Re-Lighting Whitening Facial Foam

Fairness creams, washes, scrubs! I just hate them.. :-( They NEVER work! Now you might want to ask me then why i went and got myself this WHITENING facial foam.. dont even ask.. LOL i do silly things sometimes.

Loreal White Perfect Re-Lighting Whitening Facial Foam

Actually i think i liked the look of the tube and had to try it out.

Looking at the tube you would know it looks really nice.. a slight sophiscated look.. almost as though it would do what it claims to :P 

  • Brighter skin
  • Fairer skin
  • Glow from within

What i think about the product:

Since im not very keen on this face wash i dont want to get into its details. Let me keep it short.

Texture - Very creamy
Does it foam - Doesnt really foam much.. not much of a lather
Does it remove makeup - Not really
Does it clean face well - Yes
Does it dry the skin - Yes so people with dry skin please STAY AWAY
Does it cause break outs - For me it did.. 
Does it smell good - Nope


It sadly doesnt do anything it claims.. Anyways i strongly believe none of fairness washes do anything to the skin but just help cleansing. The reason why i dont like this cleanser is because it dried my skin and made me break out. I tried using it a couple of times and gave it away. (Got it back for posting this review)

Reasons to love it - None

Would i repurchase

So ladies! Have you used this product?
What are your thoughts?

Have a Pink Day ;-)


  1. Great to the point review. I don't think fairness washes really work. You need to have the product for a longer time on your skin for it to really work. I love loreal white perfect rosy transparent whitening day and night creams. It has really made my skin luminous and more rosy lol

  2. Really? thats good to hear because loreal moisturisers dont seem to work for me :(

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. awsum review Zathi ;)perfect and 2 d pt..I have dry to super dry skin and Facewashes tat dry out my skin are my enemies :swordfight:

  5. ya I tried it once only and it doesn't foam at all...I thought of trying it for its L'Oreal name :/
    i guess my review would be similar to urs only :P

  6. hehe.. yea im curious :-)
    post a review soon :P

  7. my sis uses it ..seems to work on her though...she loves it...not me... tried once bt never again

  8. Just brought it, god my hands felt like every ounce of oil had been sucked out of them, was not expecting that!!!


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