Thursday, September 8, 2011

September Cuteness : Archie's Gallery

Hey Ladies :-D This is just a fun post! Thought it would be fun to share some cuteness every month to bring a smile on your face! 

Hope you like him :-)

His cute shoes!

And his cute back view!

Want to get one like him?
I got mine at Archie's Gallery, Spencer Plaza, Chennai, India.

So this is my cuteness.. WHAT IS YOURS? :-P

Have a Pink Day :-)


  1. Hi zatz, cute indeed.

    Just want to share this. Mostly garnier products dont work on me. My mom tried this undereye cream from garnier once and it irritatted her eyes. I then tried the roll on and I had the same problem. So garnier is a No NO for me. Try to get Aroma magic under eye gel. I am currently using it and I love it. Wont say it has completely removed my dark circles but definitely has reduced it. I think you get it online.

  2. I have used Aroma Magic and i remember hating it
    :( Not that i have dark circles but i want something moisturising for the eye area to avoid wrinkles in the future..

  3. Aroma magic has a cream and a gel for undereye treatment. Cream is not that good. Gel is getting good reviews around the blogsphere. You can try fabindia aloevera undereye gel. I am using that also. I find it very cooling and it absorbs faster. I like it too. But cant comment on the effectiveness. If you want try the garnier tinted roll on. heard it is good. Check for reviews on ponds undereye cream. I did see ponds gold radiance cream. I found it very expensive for me and din get it.

  4. Awww! how cute is he!!!!Adore this lil guy :)

  5. Aww this is so cute Zathy...hey do join my giveaway!

  6. hehehehe he is damn cute !!!!

  7. haha look at his lil bottom! lol that's super cute!!! : )

  8. @ Indgal - Thanks alot! will get something soon and let you know :)

    @ Pandora's Box - :-)

    @ Pooja - Joined!! :-)

    @ rids - :-)

    @ Rakhshanda - :-)

    @ Arriana - hehe yea cute bottom!

  9. Awwww! I want to cuddle him. He's really too cute!!

  10. @ Nivedita - he's jus loving all this attention :)


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