Friday, September 2, 2011

Ghost The Fragrance

Today my review will be on a very popular perfume! Im sure many of you would have used it.. loved it.. hated it! Now this is what i think :-D


Beautiful isnt it?!

Its a really beautiful, elegant bottle, very feminine, which reminds me of a lady.. a beautiful lady.. maybe a little lonely.. a lonely mysterious beauty :P hehehe.. thats my imagination going crazy!! Anyways its a very simple yet elegant bottle with a no fuss design and looks really classy when kept on the vanity table. 

Although the bottle looks nice and all that.. i find it too delicate. Its not something you can just pop into your bag and run around town. Its too delicate it might break.. so i never carry it with me :( im too scared it might just break into 2.

Another problem is the lid. This is the 2nd bottle im using so the 1st one had a problem with its lid.. it becomes so loose and keeps falling off the bottle when its moved. I really hope something is done about it because its such a shame that such a pretty bottle has a stupid lid.

What i have here is a GIFT SET which consists of the perfume and a lotion.

Now about its scent:

Top Notes: Rose petals and Ambrette seeds
Heart Notes: White flower, Sandalwood, Jasmine and Incense
Base Notes: Vanilla, Musk, Amber and Apricot

This is a very beautiful, feminine and sensual scent. A bit strong yes but its BEAUTIFUL. Something you can use at night.. on a special occasion or when you feel rather sexy :P If you dont like strong scents then this is NOT for you.. but those who love to get dressed up and turn heads- YES this is your BEST FRIEND.

I wont recommend this to be used during a hot summer day.. its perfect for night time. Not something for daily use.. its not a everyday perfume. And remember this is a lady's perfume.. definitely not a little girls.

I totally love this perfume.. its long lasting.. has a very good staying power and i have always gotten so many compliments and inquiries about this lovely scent each time i use it. :-D

This is the body lotion which comes with the perfume. It smells heavenly! Just like the perfume.. very moisturising.. makes skin feel like silk. Just a little of this on your arms is enough for the night.. it has a very strong scent and along with a little of the perfume, you' re all set and ready to go. If you dont like lotions that have a strong scent please run away from this tube.. its just NOT for you.

Will i recommend it?

So ladies what do you think?
Have you used this perfume?
Tell me your thoughts!

Have a Pink Day :-D


  1. Unique name for a perfume...Nice review :)

  2. soo beautiful bottle and unique name..thanks for sharing

  3. thanks for the review dear. but strong perfume is a no no for me. I get headaches ;)

  4. Beautiful review. It does remind you of a mysterious lady in a flowing white dresslost in a mist :) Ghost makes amazing fragrances. You are right this one is very sensual yet wearable.Also check out ghost deepest night and ghost night that comes in a crescent moon shaped bottles. Beautiful scents.

  5. @Pandora's Box - Thanks i sure will :-)

  6. Great post! It looks like one too. hehe :))

  7. @ Heart Kristel - Yea :-D

    @ Sara - Thanks :-D

  8. I would like to share with you a link for free burberry body perfume. Its supposed to be gorgeous. I just ordered mine.

    My latest post:

  9. @ Pandora's Box - oh thanks alot! i will go have a look right now :-D

  10. [Reply]
    Thank you so much for your lovely comments on my latest posts:) I appreciate them so much dear :) Ill share the recipes in a bit, i would just need the time to sit down :P im so stressed lately, but ofc i will share them^^ check back a little later:)

    im looking for a new perfume, ill check this one out if i find it in a store close to me! :-)

  11. I sure will check back :-) and i cant wait to see the recipes!!! check this scent out and let me know if you like it!

  12. Hi hon you have an award waiting at my blog

  13. bottle is so pretty... lovely review

  14. @ Pandora's Box - Thanks alot i will check it out right NOW!! ;-D

    @ Sahar - Yea.. its lovely isnt it :-D

  15. 'lonely, mysterious beauty'. I like the description and the name. I am tempted to run and get this. :P

  16. @ Shang J - try it and let me know!

  17. Hi Zats, sounds nice. btw following u now
    m an indian beauty & fashion blogger, cheeck out my international giveaway :)

  18. Thanks alot! i will have a loook right now :-D

  19. Great designing of this bottle perfume. Wish to own one too. :)

    pheromones for women

  20. Look awesome. Want to have one too


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