Saturday, December 24, 2011

Gwen's Blends Caramel Oatmeal Soap

Hey Ladies :-) I'm back with my reviews! So today my review will be on a natural handmade soap. This is the  first natural soap i have ever used.. so this is what i have to say:

Gwen's Blends Caramel Oatmeal Soap

5 oz. (141 g)

'It's not food. It's natural soap. Like caramel, it has a light brown color. Faintly sweet, it both soothes and exfoliates the skin with bits of oatmeal.   Honey moisturizes dry skin. Olive oil provides moisture; coconut oil gives it a rich lather. No added fragrances; this natural soap is unscented, handmade, and hand cut.  A cult favorite, Caramel Oatmeal Soap alleviates skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis. With continued use, it slowly exfoliates and fades blemishes and other skin discolorations due to hyperpigmentation.   Use as a face wash or on the entire body.  It's a perfect over-all soap.  It's even quite effective for spot cleaning dirt from fabrics. 100% All Natural Soap  5 oz.'


The packing is really pretty.. looks simple and nice. The soap is wrapped in brown paper and tied with a string. Not a fancy package but looks handmade and natural. Like a cute little gift.


The soap is light brown in colour just like caramel.. with little bits of oatmeal for mild exfoliation.


Its not a hard soap.. gets a little soft when the climate is warm but doesnt melt or break off so you can store it in room temperature. Get a nice little soap box and store it safe.


Has a lovely creamy lather which i enjoy very much.. lathers really well and cleans skin well. Removes all dirt and even oil from my skin. You would notice that along with the lather comes tiny bits of oatmeal ;-)


Well this soap is UNSCENTED. Thats bad for me because im a person who wants all my products to smell good.. i really wish it had a slight fragrance.. it would have been more enjoyable. But dont worry if you're a person who loves scented soaps you can try out the other soaps by Gwen's Blend which are scented! I will review a scented one for you very soon. For those who love unscented soaps.. THIS IS THE ONE FOR YOU!

Effect on skin:

Long term --->

I wouldnt be able to tell you the long run changes in my skin now but i will definitely finish up the soap and update this so you will know what this soap does in the long run. 

Short term ---->

But as of now.. i can tell that this soap cleans well and makes you feel really cleansed up after a shower but one thing that i noticed is - it slightly dries the skin so moisturizing is a MUST. You have to always remember to moisturize  after a shower. If you are a lazy person and wouldnt bother with a moisturizer please stay away from this product.. this is not  for you.


It exfoliates the skin mildly.. nothing too harsh so this soap can be used few times a week. I mainly use it on my feet and i love it. Even after a few washes i feel my feet looks better and im hoping that continuous use will help make my feet more soft and it would remove all the blemishes. I will update on that soon.

How many washes will it last?

[Will update this soon]

Will i reccommend:

If you are a person who loves natural soaps or just wants to try them you can try this.. its 100% natural so you dont have to worry about feeding chemicals into your skin and since it has some exfoliation properties its always an added advantage because continuous usage will help keep skin soft and smooth. Me liking this now.. so you can try it too and let me know what you think. Its definitely worth a try!

So want to know more about this soap and the other products offered by this company?

Go here ------> Gwen's Blends and Facebook Page

Now its time for your thoughts!
Have you used this product?
What are your reviews?

Product was sent by company for reviews but that has no effects on my honest opinions.

Have a Pink Day ;-)


  1. I lover organic soaps!! they feel like mystery box....

  2. I want to try this! Thanks Zatz! i will check out the site!

  3. hey Zathy...howz u??? Thanks for commenting on my blog :) n how z d little one??
    Thanks for the lovely review :)

  4. i love handmade and organic soaps. but unscented soaps do not sound very attractive. :(

  5. This reminded me of porridge soap until you mentioned it's unscented. Like you, I'm a huge fan of scented products too. Looks very natural and organic though hehe! lovely review.

  6. @ Shoppingaholic - Same here!!

    @ Rocksta - please dooooooooo

    @ Pooja - hes good :) how u doing?

    @ kuheli - i know.. i wish it was scented!

    @ Pandora's Box - you should try it :)

  7. I always like exfoliating soaps, this one sounds good.
    But Unscented soap is a no for me. :(
    btw nice review zatz. :)

  8. looks grt I love handmade soaps...

  9. I love homemade soaps too.....

  10. luv organic soaps.... looks gre8 ! !

  11. That sounds amazing! Thank you for reviewing.

    You have a great blog; I'm following you now.

    XOXO from Germany,

    My Bathroom Is My Castle – Beauty Blog

  12. I know what matters most is how it works, but I am a scent lover myself.


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