Tuesday, June 10, 2014

[CLOSET IDEAS] Kiss Me Its Summertime!

Summer Time and its an excuse for dressing up in all colors right?! But ofcourse i have put to rest the pastels and trying to add browns with reds and blues and all that. Well i am trying something different. Hope you like it. And ofcourse its a very college day type style dont you think? Ofcourse i have left college years ago (GOD i feel so old!) But this would be something i would find comfortable for an afternoon with the girls? A walk in the park? A nice walk at Villagio? Well ofcourse a stroll along Villagio would need an abaya on top but you get what i mean .. its a girly summer day outfit.

Scarfs are a staple in my closet i need them every single day - instead of going for a simple one these lace scarfs are kinda chic - can be worn Throughout the year in all seasons. Definite must HAVE.

Those satchels arent really my thing - these are really useful and comfortable to carry books - well diapers, wet wipes and baby stuff for me. Doesnt Looks stylish and make me feel like a walking baby shop. If you are a mom you would .. know what i mean LOL.

This would be the highlight of this outfit! Its a pair of absolutely gorgeous shoes with kisses all over! Who said flats cant be stylish?! Right?

This little fellow would need a full review but just to let you know - these are so cute, tiny, they smell so fresh and AWESOME! Anti bacterial hand gels but they dont make you want to throw up lol! They are so fresh its a shame not to have one in your bag! Seriously try them ladies! They are on sale right now - YES THATS RIGHT! BATH AND BODY WORKS HAS THEIR SALE GOING ON! So run there asap! Stock on your favorites and try something new. They got some great deals going on.

Anyways this will be the end of my Closet Ideas. Hope you liked it! Please do let me know how you make your summer more fun and how you survive in this heat.

Shopping Spot:

Hollow out Lace Scarf in Grey- The Walk In Closet Qatar
Top - Romwe
Brown Leggings - Glitz 
Summer Kisses Shoes -  The Walk In Closet Qatar
Sweet Pea Anti bacterial Hand gel - Bath & Body Works   at Villagio


  1. Wow, love everything, especially the shoes, very pretty for summer! Have a nice day honey <3

  2. The top is so pretty and trendy....love it.....xoxoxo....^_^

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  4. those shoes are adorable..... :D


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