Monday, February 27, 2012

Clean & Clear morning energy skin energizing daily facial scrub (With Vitamin C and Ginseng)

Whoa! What a big name for a simple face scrub! hehe! Makes it sound really complicated ha. Well.. is the product so complicated? 

Thats a really fresh looking tube of facial scrub isnt it :-) The tube doesnt lie.. trust me this facial scrub is so refreshing! I really like this one so let me be short and sweet with my thoughts!

Does it smell good?

YES! Smells really fresh and nice! I think.. a very orangy kind of smell... citrus based. Perfect to wake you up in the morning.

Does it clean and exfoliate well? 

YES! Cleans really well and exfoliates well too! The beads in the scrub actually work well.

Can you see those beautiful colored beads? there is white, yellow and orange in them! 

Does it dry the skin?


Are the beads too gentle or too harsh?

Though it says that its a daily facial scrub, i would suggest you using it maybe twice a week at most because the scrub isnt soooo gentle. Its not gentle enough for daily use. 

Any breakouts or allergies?

I have sensitive skin but no.. i had no problems using this. 

Will i recommend?

A very fresh facial scrub that makes you wake up in the morning! Makes skin so smooth and fresh. You should definitely try this one.


  1. i want to try this :D great review ;)

  2. Short and Sweet..Lovely Review :D

  3. want to try this , i have used clean and clear shine control daily facial scrub :-)

  4. Tube itself gives orangy thoughts in mind. I would Love to try it. <3

  5. How long have you been using this?
    Any changes in your skin? (Glowy or a few breakouts?)
    What mild cleanser would you recommend for oily face w/ pimples & sensitive skin?

    1. Himalayas neem and turmeric is the best for sensitive skin :)

  6. Nice review.. I'll definitely look at picking it up this weekend. Have you tried out Parachue advansed body lotion? been reading some great reviews of it.. what do you think of it? would love to know your thoughts!

  7. @Zeenat - I still havent tried the lotion out but i would definitely try it and let you know my thoughts :-)

  8. i will definiately try this products...its lukin awesome 4 skin...<3

  9. sounds lovely...i guess this product haven't yet launched in it?? @zats??

    1. no idea.. i live in Sri Lanka so i dont know :)

  10. i hav tried this product and itis absolutely awesome. nice review. do visit my blog at and follow it if you like


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