Thursday, February 9, 2012

February Cuteness: Slice of Love Glycerin Soap from SoapMuchLove

After a long sweaty summer day, stuck in the vehicle with no air con and a crying baby! God! I had a bad morning! The only thing on my mind was a long cool shower using something fresh.. i have a few soaps that im using at the moment.. but i was thinking something new.. something red.. something YUMMY! 

Slice of Love Glycerin Soap by SoapMuchLove

This beautiful soap arrived in my mail a few days back but i couldnt use it.. it was too pretty to be used. But the smell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE SMELL WAS MAKING ME WANT TO EAT IT UP! Smells like a sweet dessert.. jello maybe. AWESOME! Trust me i am not exaggerating! Its the BEST scented soap i have EVER USED. The smell was driving me crazy ( in an awesome way lol ) so today was like the perfect day to actually try it out.

Came in a cute cupboard box.. with a pink ribbon around it :-) My box got slightly crushed in the mail.. but Thank God! My soap was perfect.

Embedded with sugar scrubs and scented with Yuzu fragrance oil, this soap is a Valentines special edition i guess.. with a lovely heart on top.. some glitter. PRETTYNESS! 

How long does it last? 
[Will update this later]

A super delicious soap.. lathers well.. cleans well and smells soooooooooooo good! If they made perfumes that smell like this i would definitely buy them! My body and my bathroom smells of this soap now. A very pleasant addition to my soap collection.

So ladies why not add a Slice of Love to your life? Check out SoapMuchLove and have a look at all the lovely soaps that are available.

So this is my February Cuteness! What is yours?

Have a Pink Day :-)


  1. Thank you for reviewing my soap! I am very happy you liked it and also glad it made all its way to Sri Lanka! xoxo

  2. My pleasure Ada :-) Well i guess.. These are the miracles of postal service! :-)

  3. Pretty..Yummy..OMG really this one of the most visually attractive soap i'v seen till now

  4. Wow,, this is lukin' more than a Soap.... raspberry or a cherry pudding cake :p

  5. Yummyyyyyyyyyyyyy :) great review! Love your blog and I am your new follower :D

  6. WOW! Is that a soap? Yummy <3<3

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  7. [REPLY] Thanks! Yeah I got really satisfied with the result:)

    Awe, that soap looks absolutely delicious! I trust u that it smells awesome :)
    Hmm.. i dont have any february cuteness yet.. ill think about it =)

  8. That looks amazing! Oh my god I need to get some :)xx


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