Saturday, August 25, 2012

The Body Shop Pink Grapefruit Body Butter

This is one product that seems to have mixed reviews. I know loads of people who hate this and loads who love it!!!!!! So this is my version..


OK HONESTLY I HATEEEE THIS SCENT! i hate it.. everyone at home just hates it so much.. they kinda chase me away if they spot the scent. LOL. It was SO hard for me to try and finish it up. Took me ages really. I wonder who can bear it.. its unbelievable.


It has a runny texture. The body butter would pour out if it was tilted. Please give me an award for finishing it ladies. Trust me it was HARD WORK!


VERY greasy and oily! Best for winters. Avoid it during the summers during the day time. Perfect for overtime moisturization. Especially if you got dry skin and want something to soften your skin. Apply this product generously all over your body at night. And let it work all night. When you wake up in the morning you will see a huge difference in your skin. Skin feels sooooooooooo soft and smooth. Its amazing. 


Well this depends on what you really want - If you are looking for something to work on dry skin, this is perfect. The smell is really horrible so i wouldnt ask you to run and buy it. I cant say i hate this product and i cant deny how well it worked on my skin too. So its best to ask your nose and decide! 

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  1. I quite like the Body Shop Body Butter but never tried (and never will!!!) in grapefruit!


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