Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Robber Bride by Margaret Atwood and Something I cooked for a Rainy Evening!

Its a lovely rainy day so here comes a book review! Only when it rains that i remember i got loads of books to be reviewed. Books i have read months ago.. and they are still waiting on the shelves calling out to me. This is one i borrowed from Miss. Sister in Law. The title sounds really interestings yeah..

"A circle of friends are each betrayed by a glamorous woman who steals money, men and a feeling of safety and security for the group. The betrayal turns their worlds upside down and causes each friend to reevaluate world views, chosen partners and paths in life."  

Basically its a book about this beautiful woman who steals other peoples men! OH GOD! I just hate them. LOL! Anyways she was a friend of a couple of really stupid ladies.. she totally messed up their lives and then she pretended to have been killed in a bomb blast. So after a couple of years she's back. So now if it was me what would i do? KICK HER ASS MAYBE? YES OFCOURSE. What do the bunch of stupid ladies do? Well thats the story.. 

This book i should say makes men look like real victims but its not really the case. Its not like they are kidnapped and stolen away from their wives yeah? So its kinda unbelievable to feel sorry for them, though the author makes them look like lost puppies and really vulnerable. There is this long long history of the characters and  too much of description of things that just add too many pages to the book. Was kinda interesting at the start but really dragged towards the end.. and the end was rather blunt.


I felt it was really boring and wouldnt suggest it to anyone of you but i also heard so many people loved this book. So have you read it? What do you think?

Anyways i cooked today!!!!!!! And i think Paneer Butter Masala goes really well with the rain!

Whats your favorite dish on a super rainy day? 

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